Paintings Arts & Culture Inserts
Dec 22nd, 2010 by thesuper

The inserts are a visual trick to connect with all creation, is driven style inserts for the purpose of generating awareness of our spirituality, our divinity. we are spiritual beings with human experiences, not human beings with spiritual experiences, God is in inside each one of us, in all creatures, in plants, we are connected to the creation by a higher intelligence metaphysically call it God, energy, Ki, life force. cells are a great Being, we are environment- agencies. Being aware of this connection with our environment helps us understand that without our environment without our ecosystem well cared for, without respect for the planet where we live, without harmony with the place that we have inherited the planet earth, we are nothing, no exist and sooner or later perish voluntarily, because we are environment-organisms and will explain this term, imagine walking into a square, then to imagine walking in a plaza, has to take into account the place, the ground he walks on the road, the vegetation The air that fills their lungs, etc because without these details of his environment, if there embers in space without the ground he walks etc that would not be the act of walking, you see, we are one with everything, every creature, every plant, etc is inextricably linked to us on a spiritual level, to a metaphysical level, we do not see, but if we can perceive with our inner being, we are made in the image and likeness of God we are spiritual beings in Our Window interior is the measure of all things, the answers , communion with God, everything is there in Our Window eternal, vast, divine and infinite interior, that is what represents artistic style insert.

The Indian
Dec 2nd, 2010 by thesuper

A horse is known for years to wrinkles in the nose and the mouth. When the new mother is Indian, the Indian gets sick, a fever and is sleeping with the young, India is going to work and only comes to breastfeeding. The Indian says: I’m an outcast. on the tip of the beach, the big fish becomes waterlogged, it is said that some people have the counter for the subsidence continue. In the plain, where the pigs are buck is because soon it will rain. When the fire rages still blights pinned, is it going to come visit. When you drop the silverware, if the spoon is a woman who will come, if the holder is a man, if the knife is the mother. When the owl sings near the house of one, a bad omen.

On the right side of the devil riding horses. Urinating in the coals makes the child is dry by night. In the cocks are given for chili to get angry. Dogs are given only flesh, to be brave. It is customary to take a hen eggs sprinkled with holy water, figuring that incurred through Easter. These roosters are and the house where there will be free of ambushes, of spells and bad luck.

For good luck in the game it is customary Easter kill a black cat and take all the bones and bury them at the intersection of two roads, hopefully well-traveled. After a year and dig up a pot roast and waste is put in a leather pouch made from the skin of a toad. This bag is carried whenever money is going to play or do business. It is customary to catch and remove a rattlesnake rattles, leaving her alive and crossing seven rivers. The bells will ring at the time to be betting the money or large sums because it is the moment of luck. It is believed that the udder of cows is damaged when you stop pouring the milk in the hot topic.

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