The Return Of Aurora
Mar 23rd, 2014 by thesuper

THE return of AURORA Aurora returned a few days later. A large black glasses was accompanied by, and when he removed them, we saw that it also brought some large violet dark circles that do not overshout at all, of her blue eyes. We had gone both choir and I, to pick up the station. It was a sad meeting. Aurora had exhausted their tears and had thinned appreciably. -How are you? Choir, became interested while I Asia suitcase.

-Shattered responding to choir, while it offered me her cheek. -Your family? I asked I. -We’ll talk at home. Aurora told us around the table. -When I arrived they were already in the wake.

What wasn’t Josemari. Watch us doctors should be accustomed. You see them every day, but there are also someone who takes them, that removes them from view. In addition you have not lived with them. Have you not felt them. And I had lived with Josemari and Josemari. And I had felt him outside and inside me. This was not my Josemari. I don’t know what happened to me. I should faint or lose consciousness for a few seconds. I found myself sitting in a Chair in the room of to the side and with Anna asking me if I was pregnant Josemari. No, I wasn’t and at that moment I felt desire to have been. The visits are a shit! Of words of comfort that we had to support Anna and myself, because, for all purposes, it gave the sensation that I was the widow! People who did not know that hugged me and told me: I’m sorry, I’ll walk in feeling, my deepest sympathy. And shit! They could not feel what I felt. I had shared my dreams with him and he theirs with me, that had laughed together and that we had done the love of truth, delivering our love, feeling our love grow.

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