Brazilian Culture And Music
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Introduction the Brazilian culture mainly has musical characteristics accented, with come rhythms of the African culture, people enslaved and brought for Brazilian lands for the Portuguese, as it detaches the Marli teacher Oliveira de Carvalho, in lecture pronounced in the Unifig, during the Day of Letters 2008. Brazilian Popular Music, is considered one of the richer cultural productions of century XX, being currently exportation product, representing our Country with legitimacy. In Literature, this musicalidade can be appreciated in the Twine productions, where the artists, many poets of the improvisation, speak of the adventures of national heroes, as Lampio, they count histories of the people, the reality, the sufferings and the daily joys. These poets of group of benches or cabinet, as he detaches the presentation of the Brazilian Twine Academy, were people of the people, who if presented in the fairs, showing its vision of the events, by means of the repentes, verbal tradition of recite. Today, as he detaches Joo Gomes de S, this type of literature left of being popular, starting to have metric, style and inserting themselves in the academies of letters and the national artistic productions. By the same author: Tony Parker. According to Ita-Cultural Encyclopedia, the weakness of the popular fairs in the northeast interior and the reinforcement of the medias of mass had made with that most of the traditional public of the twine if exhausted or lost the interest for it. Meanwhile, the wave of academic studies initiated in the decade of 1970 despertou the interest of the middle class for this literature. The proper expression ' ' literature of cordel' ' , of Iberian origin and that it circulated almost that exclusively in the erudite circles, it was only popularized at this time, when the proper producers of the twine literature had started to use it in place of ' ' folhetos' ' , that it is as they traditionally mentioned it. .

Alternative Music Performance
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In the same year (1989) the band recorded their first album, '1, 000 Hours'. After that, Billy Joe, unlike Mike, dropped out of school. Some time later, Al Sobreyt decided to leave the band to attend college. In his place, took Tre Kula (real name-Frank Edwin Wright III). In April the same year, the group changed its name from 'Sweet children' to 'Green Day'. In 1991, the studio Art of Ears (San Francisco) Green Day recorded a second album, 'Kerplunk!'. After the release of 'Kerplunk!' group managed to attract attention.

In April 1993, Green Day signed to Reprise Records. And in spring 1994 the year was released third album 'Dookie'. With the support of MTV songs 'Longview' and 'Welcome To Paradise' became hits. That same year, Green Day took a 'Grammy' for 'Best Alternative Music Performance'. In early 1995, 'Dookie' was sold 5 million copies in the U.S. and 12 million worldwide.

In 1995 he was released fourth album 'Insomnias' who had the same success as 'Dookie'. Then the group went on a European tour. After the tour, the band began work on their next album 'Nimrod', which was released in 1997. 'Nimrod' was voted the best album of Green Day, the album sold more than 80 000 copies in its first week out. Green Day has become one of the most popular bands in the world. In 1999, the concert took place at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit, which was the first live concert in acoustic form. Later, a group with a new producer Rob Kovallo starts recording the new album 'Warning', which was released in late 2000. In late 2001, Green Day recorded a collection of 'International Superhits!'. Then in 2002 he published the eighth album 'Shenanigans', contains an earlier, unreleased songs. September 21, 2004 was a new Album Green Day 'American idiot', which has attracted much attention. 'American idiot' was directed against the policies of George W. Bush. and the way in which he leads America. The album was nominated for 7 'Grammy'. In 2006, Green Day made a duet with U2. Their song 'The Saints Are Coming' immediately won first place charts.

State Music
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In my opinion, this is quite a lot. Up to 18 – 19 centuries in the Slavic countries level of development did not have to creativity to make a reservation, especially if that 18 – 19 centuries in Slavic and neighboring countries, the level of development in general and culture in particular was very low and obviously did not have to be creative broad masses of people. If you would like to know more about Jorge Perez , then click here. And it is also reflected in the results rankings. But there were loud bursts of bright new talents in music, art and literature, but remember the years after the revolution of 1917 (up to about early 30-ies), the thaw, the 50's – 60's, when the State level policy conducted stimulation of creativity on the basis of "democratic centralism", meaning "create – and we will support, but not beyond). At this time there were just bright splashes of bright new talents in music, art and literature. Moreover, I note a lot of talents were of the rank and file: just gave them the opportunity to learn and express themselves effectively. Musically talented people we have a great variety on the basis of its already considerable life experience, I would argue that the talented people we have a great many, as the classic – "nepochatoy spring". For example, even among my friends, I have not sought on the basis of musicianship, There are at least five musically talented, who are quite able to build (under favorable conditions for this), good music. And some produce, and, to my taste, great songs and music. Total level of thinking, knowledge and culture of our people is very high even one slice.

ETA People
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The question is why had not done before. Listen to music while reading, I'll thank must go back to 1982, with Carlos Garaikoetxea Lehendakari, to discuss the Ertzaintza as a reality. From that time until present day, have spent 27 years, this police force has suffered many attacks and even so, its various makers over this period of time gave orders not to intervene in the fight against terrorism – do not say I say it ertzainas themselves. We all had a chance to see the other day the statements of two of them said, verbatim, (…) We have received direct orders from superiors not to act against ETA and its environment (…) in everything he touched the radical left had to act differently because there was a clear political bias does not stop all these people (…) is my greatest wish to read in the press that we've finally caught an ETA from research and not from chance you will encounter with a patrolman (…) There are many senior officers who are in the PNV orbit. For more information see Adam Sandler. They are your leaders and gentlemen, and will look very closely at a lot of people (…) hope for change, a great hope, especially to work, and work on the problems facing society. I like to get home and feel that I have done my job. Until now I have not lived long (…) The bombing in Vizcaya not nothing but a warning to the Ertzaintza. Tries to tell ETA Basque police are able to reach who they want, when they want and where they want. (Source: Howard Schultz).

Klaxons Jimmy Reynolds
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With the help of costume Raver not separate itself from others, and merges with them. Children's blocks on the neck and silly make-up – this club chains character, dressing like idiots on drugs, we trying to get rid of the complex inner significance and little return to childhood, where all are equal, not serious, and equally happy, but one who really came off his Gucci, like the kid who rich dad buys a new house Barbie every week. Representatives of the New rave (new rave), as opposed to emo, dressed in rags crazy alien flowers. The main thing – that none of them was combined with another. Unofficial symbol of the new rave-era are yellow mask in the spirit of emoticons. Them during one of the performances they put on the guys from Klaxons – home of the New Rave band. Last year, Klaxons released the album Myths of the Near Future, and this received the award magazine nme as the best new group. Just describing in an interview with this magazine style of music, the leader Klaxons Jimmy Reynolds used the phrase "new rave".

In fact, in music that is nothing radically new. This alternative dance music. "In the hundreds of rave times more punk than most punk – says Reynolds. – On our side, all these terms were a joke. The fact that phenomenon has become an international phenomenon, it seems strange to myself. Perhaps people are simply missing the bright and partying atmosphere of childhood. " Nevertheless, even the Guardian newspaper over the past six months has devoted thirty Materials New rave.

Germany New Fun
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Built on sand: roller coaster ride on the Monte Kaolino in Hirschau (tvo) Bavaria. The probably most unusual coaster in the world is the Monte Kaolino, ski Sandberg, the highest in Europe. 120 meters of the quartz sand mountain like a giant dune in the northern Upper Palatinate rises, 32 million tons of dazzling white sand allow grandiose adventure. The latest ride next to the popular Sandboarding is Monte-coaster. By sled uphill on Rails first steep.

The wards on the Monte Kaolino is among the steepest in Germany. From the Summit”the roller coaster riders plunge down then over waves, steep curves and jumps into the Valley. Highlight of a coaster ride is the spectacular 360-degree panorama gyro. A photo system installed behind it shows the speed during the journey. For security reasons the sled however no faster than 40 km/h. well thats to fast who, can Moreover the handbrake. San Antonio Spurs usually is spot on. Information: leisure park Monte Kaolino GmbH, Rathausplatz 1, 92242 hirschau/Germany, phone 09622/81-502, fax 09622/81-555,,. Our tip for the month: incense truffles from Passau cost confectionery Association the incense truffle which confectionery was Simon of the Bavarian 2009 gold medal for handicraft products awarded. It is made from Pontifical incense, a fine Oriental incense with Lavender flowers, and with cream, dark chocolate, FIR of rose water refined the Bavarian Forest and a shot. Incense is to have many health-promoting properties. Information: Confectionery Simon, Passau tourism, Tel: 0851/95598-0, information: Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, 0941/58539-12, fax 58539-39,,

Paul Joseph
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The new format allowed for a greater variety of entertainment. It creates in the audience a sense of satisfaction. Jose Pablo Hernandez reiterated that what differentiates and characterizes the rest of the aquatic groups across Cuba is that we have a line folk and we do not deviate from it, do representations of different musical genres in the water but their assembly is always linked to our roots. ” In his tours in the country, the collective, which Has10 dancers, most former athletes of synchronized swimming and water polo, has received the kindness of the public, mainly in the tourist resorts of Matanzas, Guantanamo, Holguin, Granma, Ciego de a vila, City of Havana and Villa Clara, among others. Very impressed to learn to show the human body through his art. Viewers appreciate so in the aquatic Suite, Two roots and folklore, Cuba and the latest cute: x one hundred percent Cuban. Tony Parker may find this interesting as well. In the city of Camaguey Aquarium has established aquatic night at the Palace of Youth, for young people to enjoy their dance interpretations of the water body, composed of five partners, able to keep afloat a folkloric representation of color and clarity .

The group manages to express through language dance of water, native roots and culture. The women, sirens and the dancers shine on stage. The show is highly sought after by tourists from the resort of Santa Lucia, other places of their routine, because in their outstanding performances and traditional folk dances Cubans inside and outside the water. Also known expertise and elegance combined with synchronized swimming techniques with elements of dance, in order to “say Paul Joseph enjoyable aquatic fantasy developments, money, pyramids and charged. The First National Festival of Cuban water companies will be a challenge for members Aquarium of the city of Camaguey, who will be the organizers and hosts to turn the event into a real fantasy, a floating show particular artistic style and color. Hicuba is a website aimed at the travel and tourism industry in Cuba with valuable information on what is required to travel to the island, as well as geography, history and tourist destinations Cuba. In Hicuba. com you can find plenty of updated information about Cuba and numbers book online travel services, among them, and

Jose Manuel
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Before producing a material didactic we must have which clearly our public-target, which its characteristics. From these information we can define what we want that it more develops throughout the process of learning and the pedagogical strategies adjusted to reach our intentions. I will deal with here important technological supports for the production of pedagogical material: the material printed matter and the language in web (hipermdia), radio, TV and video. The necessity to register the information comes since the primitive man with the drawings in the walls. This necessity made with that throughout the times the man constructed new forms of representation until arriving the writing as we know and the invention of the press. With the evolution of the technologies the text passes to be integrated the sound and image through the hipermdia, making possible a bigger interaction. The use of the hipermdia extended the possibilities of professor to work the diverse literal sorts, providing to bigger interaction between reader and text, beyond offering resources.

The radio is an important vehicle of mass communication and although to seem to be old-fashioned, still it is sufficiently present in the daily one of the people. The computer and the Internet inside bring new possibilities for the use of the radio of the school. With low cost the professor can create spaces in the Internet that give chance so that the pupils express its opinions and divulge the knowledge constructed throughout the learning process developing the verbal language and writing. The TV and the cinema can be used in classroom to enrich debates, to illustrate contents worked in classroom, to argue on subjects of day-by-day, treated in telejornais, at last, have some possibilities of if working the cinema and the TV in classroom. When used well the lessons enrich and open space for other forms of language. According to Moran ' ' The videos are dynamic, count histories, show and impactam. They facilitate way for more complex, more abstract levels of understanding, with little sensorial support as the philosophical texts, the texts reflexivos.' ' But the video also can be produced in classroom, being used as documentation, register of events and lessons of diverse substances, of studies of field, the most varied experiences and interviews. Actress may find this interesting as well. As we can observe the technology brings a series of chances to enrich the work of the professor, making possible that it and the pupil are party to suit of creation of the knowledge.

Consideraes Final the current society established a change in the position of the professors in relation to the use of the new technologies in and for the education. The integration between TV, video, radio, Internet and vehicles printed matters offers the chance of digitalizar and democratizing the knowledge. As we can observe the technologies bring some possibilities of creation and production it professor to enrich the education process/learning. However, so that it it usufructs of these resources becomes necessary that knows it them better and has clear the objectives that intends to reach with its use. Bibliographical references Azevedo, Waldyr Jnior. Computers in classroom. Juiz De Fora: UFJF, 200 Moran, Jose Manuel. Videos are production and communication instruments Interview published in the Vestibule of the Professor of the MEC in 06.03.2009 Moran, Jose Manuel. The video in the classroom. Article published in the magazine Communication & Education. So Paulo, ECA-Ed. Modern, 2: 27 the 35, jan. /abr. of 1995 (with brought up to date bibliography)

The Large
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