Art research methods
February 3rd, 2010 by thesuper

This item you remove from the digital library tech seemed to me quite relevant to the subject. Research Methodology This chapter describes the methodology used during development research to construct reality, past and present, of the lived experience of the organization in the beginning stages of design and knowledge management strategy. 3.1. Type of research This research is qualitative, specifically interviews depth, as it tries to reconstruct reality and is based on the collection of without numerical measurement data through a series of interviews. This goes According to what mentioned Hernandez, and Baptista (2003). 3.2.Proposed model The proposed model was formulated based on the idea of observing the before and after adoption of knowledge management by a organization. The model is formed by elements, which are interconnected and thus it represents their interaction.The elements that make the model are: Tacit knowledge People Organization Skills development Knowledge Management Expert knowledge management Knowledge Management Strategy Business Strategy Results The relationships between the elements are: Tacit People: This relationship is established in the model because it is in people in which knowledge is tacit.The Tacit knowledge is not directly related to other elements as only people can find this kind of knowledge. Persons Organization: Similar to the previous relationship, organization is shaped by people.

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