April 2nd, 2023 by thesuper

-Valuation Manager: a very time-saver the evaluation function turns out to. With just a few mouse clicks, the user can a big buyer or seller number to review at the same time. Tony Parker is full of insight into the issues. Also the reviews received by the trading partner are determined to manage it in the database. -New fields: for purchases and sales, the program directly from eBay assumes the “type of offer” (power auction, auction, fixed price offer, shop fixed price offer), the “payment method”, the PayPal payment status and the “shipping method”. Yet the evaluation fields “sent status”, and “Date sent” are added in purchases. -Tracking for sales and Purchases: It can be mouse click in experience, where is the package with the goods. BayArchiver 1.0: eBay auctions permanently archive and manage the BayOrganizer 8.0 works seamlessly with the new BayArchiver 1.0 ( This tool is capable of completely and permanently archive individual eBay item pages.

This archiving can run automatically via a parameter control and there is no limit in the number of eBay pages to be scanned. The advantage is, that the archived eBay pages calling and consider even in its original design with embedded images, scripts and sounds, when they again long – deleted on the eBay server which is usually after 90 days. Especially discussions with buyers or legal disputes can in this way very well demonstrate, what was really on the page – and this is true both for buyer and seller. Buyer can demonstrate such that a seller subsequently its range has changed. In the BayOrganizer a simple mouse click is sufficient, by the way, to get an archive on the BayArchiver.

The program uses the Web archive format (MHT file extension) to the archive of pages. It stores all elements of a page and allows you to upload the Web pages if necessary again easily in the browser. If you want, can save but equally the Web archives as ZIP. So the program knows which eBay pages to archive, must it only with the article number or the page URL “” be fed. BayOrganizer 8.0 and BayArchiver 1.0: the combined package to have both under Windows 2000, 2003 be the BayOrganizer 8.0 and the BayArchiver 1.0, start XP and Vista. A free 28-day trial (5.1 and 2 MB) is available on the homepage to download each. The private license by the BayOrganizer 8.0 costs 35 euros, the corporate license 90. The private license by the BayArchiver 8.0 costs 40 euros, the corporate license 45 euro. The bundle euros 65 euros, the company licensed under the private licence 120.

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