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Some of the benefits associated with Internet marketing is the availability of information. Consumers can go online and learn about products, and acquire 24 hours a day. Companies that use Internet marketing can save money due to a reduced need for a sales force. Marketing on the Internet can help expand a local market at a national and even international market.
There is talk of marketing and internet marketing results, marketing ROI, ROI or marketing. One advantage of this channel is the ease of analysis and optimization of bells. At all times we can have control of the investment and the budget for the campaign, according to this structural change while running.
To better understand and take advantage of Internet marketing is necessary to know the conversion funnel of our product, which usually has several stages.
1) Printing creativity.
Impression of creativity, we show that the navigator of the network product or service that we offer. The person browsing on the Internet is our advertising and have an option to perform the requested action or omission (in most cases is a click to bring to the target site).
2) Click on creativity.
Click on creativity in all cases of marketing campaign results, the goal of creativity is the click, and we are talking about search engines, email or banner ads, the advertiser’s intention is that the user click and be redirected to a page within the site of the brand.
3) Register as a user.
Register as a user, once a potential client is on the site, now the goal is known, and for this the best we can do is submit a registration form to leave your details and we can assign a user profile. Generally, the form should not be very long and we could intimidate potential customer does not want to continue navigating our site, but it is common to find options for inclusion in the email and names are required. Once we have this data from the client, can communicate with in connection with our offering of value.
4) Intention to purchase.
Intent to purchase at the time that we have interested potential customer, and has shown interest, purchase intention, is the review we are going to have to say that the goal is met. An intention to buy is when a potential client enters a payment method to mark the site and tries to get the product or service being offered.
There are several reasons for this intention can be thwarted, and now is the opportunity for our customer service department to help our potential customers to become one, and better yet, a customer happy and satisfied.
5) Acquisition.
Acquisition, we not only managed to attract someone with marketing of our action, but also we have taken to the site.
Not only that we have brought to the site, but we have also registered as a potential customer.
Not only do we have as an interested potential customer, but has also tried to make a purchase.
And finally, not only has tried to make a purchase, it also has been successful!
Congratulations! We have had a successful marketing action.
Analysis of results
Now, look around with eyes that money is what we do.
Suppose that the budget for this action is 100 and we have obtained the following results:
25 clicks
15 number of records
10 number of acquisition attempts
5 number of acquisitions
We can say that the results of the bell, in absolute values, are shown in the table above.
Now, that means that we have for example, registers 15 ‘Much’ is not ‘What we do know is that it is not sufficient because anyway we are going to want to have more, or in other words the goals of campania require the best results. This is one of the pillars of our marketing, that if successful, we will always want more. Returning to the example of the 15 records. we do not say that we have made 15 records with 100 but each one has cost us 6.67 ( 100/15), so our cost per record is 6.67. Similarly, our acquisition cost is 20 ( 100 / 5).
To make the calculation of ROI, which it ultimately when we are talking about marketing results, we need to know is how much we each purchase or acquisition.
Suppose that for every new customer we sell, on average, a total of 35, we can say that each client gives us a value of 35.
If we know our cost of acquiring each new customer is 20, and each worth 35 for us, then we say that our ROI is 1.75 or 175 (profit / cost) and that basically what we have achieved our campaign is a gain of 75, thus multiplying our initial budget by 1.75 or increased 175 .

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