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Biography As interior minister in 1862, meets Captain Love Jones-Parry and Lewis Jones who were investigating if they found a possible place to create a Welsh settlement Welsh settlement in Patagonia. Rawson agrees with them, resulting in the creation of a colony in the Chubut Valley. In his honor, the city of Rawson, capital of Chubut province takes its name. His parents were Dr. Aman Rawson, emigrated from U.S. medical and Jacinta Maria Rojo, daughter of a Welsh family in the province of San Juan, where William was born. Educated by the Jesuits in San Juan and then at the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, Rawson MD graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires in 1844. Rawson is interested in politics. In 1853 he was arrested for being an opponent of Nazario Benavidez, the de facto leader and governor of San Juan. In the following years was the Congress of Paran conventional, and in 1862 he was interior minister in the government of Bartolom Miter.With regard to medicine, Rawson was the first professor of hygiene in the country. It started with the studies in this discipline, especially related to social and demographic aspect. His lectures, published in Paris in 1876, dealing in particular hygiene problems in Argentina and especially Buenos Aires. In that same year participated in a congress held in Philadelphia during the U.S. Centennial Exposition, presenting their work vital statistics of the city of Buenos Aires, a very important development for the time. Of equal value is his report on tenement houses in the city of Buenos Aires that is about the living conditions of the tenements of the time. Rawson spent a year in Paris in 1881 for medical treatment before returning to Argentina. Back to France for further treatment in 1885 and died in Paris in 1890.

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