Business Achievements
September 18th, 2021 by thesuper

Even more inspired, I continued to communicate with company representatives, but suddenly faced with serious barrier. It turns out that the studio was not so easy to buy and not sell them all in a row. The reason was simple. Brand as well known in many countries of the Hollywood brand, whose clients are the stars with world renown, such as Paris Hilton, Hugh Laurie (Dr. House), David and Victoria Beckham, Hugh Hefner, and many others, being enamored with his reputation, and took under his banner are not everyone.

This approach me with time, even liked it. But I think the exclusivity of the product is supported, and it's great. I will not stay long in this place, except to say that negotiations with the DH Recordings were not easy. Fortunately, business achievements I missed, including including before the U.S. industry, so that after a while my request was approved. It transpired later that this was the first and only approved a request from a variety of funds previously with the CIS countries. Hooray! I was able to purchase ten studios.

Perhaps the baby so do not wait for the New Year Santa Claus with gifts, as I waited for my studio. After receiving the goods from customs, barely able to endure until the technicians gathered and set up one of them. And then, finally, everything was ready, the music started, and I again experienced the magic. Work has begun. We quickly made a presentation of the Hollywood news, installed cost of renting a studio with an operator 400 to $ 1500 (depending of its working hours, day of week, etc.) and started moving the flywheel.

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