Defective Car Radios
September 1st, 2023 by thesuper

The radio navi doctor cheap repair place expensive share let there had always been more or less expensive radio models. Still a repair not worth often because they significantly exceeded the value of the unit. With the introduction of multimedia devices or Multifunktiossysteme such as the RNS 310, RNS 510, or even discover by VW / Skoda this has changed. New prices about 3,000 euros or prices at Exchange devices over 2,000 euros, a repair is much cheaper as the replacement of the entire device. But Porsche or Mercedes with its comand systems build always higher quality car radio / navigation systems.

The errors range from total failure until no longer starts. But also defective display or CD / DVD drives let cheap to repair. Every day we hear from our customers do this. The RNS 510 will not boot or problems. The first road to the dealer. Here should be helped so a man thinks.

Working in garages but no radio technician suppress many customers. Clearly, he can give you Service help customers with problems on the car. Even personnel such as motor vehicle master or Mechatronics for this exists. But to solve the problems on a mini-computers like the RNS 510 is usually not possible for the employee of a car dealership. And what is the friendly staff with their expensive multifunctional device? He tried that with a Update CD in the handle to get. If you’re lucky big (2% of devices it can work) the unit runs again without problems. Most of the time it doesn’t work with the update. We advise even make a software update at the dealer if the device problems. Again and again we hear from customers that the software update did not work. Worse, it meets the customers where a software update starts. But then all of a sudden just cancels the update. After that, the device is completely broken. We got to hear about statements made by VW dealer how then must sing you just have”. No merchant has after a failed update felt responsible and assume the costs for the replacement or repair. The opinion of our customers is different here. We have seen that often in discussions in various forums. But, the reality is that no cost at a failed software update your car radio / Navis takes over the dealer. (Source: Glenn Dubin). In return, the dealer offers the customer a more expensive Exchange device. So far only a workshop has contacted us to save the more expensive replacement of the device to the customer. You have a problem with your car? Then let it repair in the workshop of your choice. The more expensive car radio / Navis do not belong but in a car repair shop. This technical marvels should trained technicians assessment and repair. Everyone should know his stuff. Therefore the car in the car workshop. Car radio in the electrical workshop. If the car radio / Navi is defective it must cost does not always equal to several thousand euros.

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