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During the fishing used eland and water. Not bad for such purposes Cannes or styrofoam boxes, such as cooler bag without refrigeration elements. In the course of catching water in Cannes is gradually getting warmer, oxygen, there are fewer and fry begins to die. Dead fish must immediately captured and placed in a wet rag. Water evaporation from the surface of tissue leads to cooling. This way you can keep snulogo fry for fishing. The fact that some fishing tackle is using live fry, but at the end of fishing baits have snulogo, determines the presence of two snap-fisher's arsenal. For example, when fishing on the course of a snap-in consists of a float and mormyshkas medium-sized hook, having a long fore-end.

Malek clings to the lip or nostril. In standing water is more often used with a single snap hook, and fry clinging to her back. If you fry fell asleep, then it is preferable to stick within a relatively large single hook or mormyshku about how worm or vibrohvost. If during the slack or not, it will have to make an artificial wiring. Very effective use of fry and fishing without a float, for example, a large "summer" or a small mormyshku trolling. In this case, even snulogo fry can stick behind his head. Using a small spoon is very diverse game and give tangible effect in the event that perch a lot and it is active. In the case of a very sluggish bite preference should be given with a single snap-hook and live fry.

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