Good wishes for the new year, even if it is the 2009
November 3rd, 2009 by thesuper

Merry Christmas and prosperous new year 2010 (or 2011). If someone wishes you a prosperous 2009 and are no banker or Pericantar, make no mistake, remove the car keys because it is not fit to drive. Some of my wishes for the new year, even if it is 2009. Merry Christmas and God pille confessed in 2009, said with all respect divorce to the secularists, but this year is that we pray a lot more even those who do not remember very well as they do on television and is the first time announcing a collectable of beads (not to miss a publishers):” attorney ‘Let the politicians deal more to settle the catastrophe in mind that reviving historical memory, that is expected. Mortgages and the bread of the children of the unemployed, no. ” ‘That the politicians agree that once they are paid to help solve the problems of citizens and not to create new problems where none had, for so it goes. And in the worst crisis of the last seven decades, which some politicians have made clear to them that the crisis does not touch or a glimpse of them-are allowed to open discussions as priority for citizenship like autonomicas football selections. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute , is a Trustee of New York University, where she created and sponsors the Collegiate Professorships Program ” ‘That political parties put aside their condition of banks and borrowers”’ most-delinquent debtors and to require banks to re-circulate money to not strangle SMEs and families. If they do, besides leaving the desert country of SMEs and repletito unemployed, the executor of mortgage banking will be done in a flash with all the national private real estate companies and families from mortgaged at bargain prices in a move so evil that will leave a robabocadillos Bernard Madoff recreation. ” ‘What they call them immigrants to attorneys the promised land with the former Minister Caldera and now they face when their guests and are forced to leave this desert land, do not end up pushing them to migrate also to the Spanish girl looking for a land prospers. And we are one short step away to the harvest. ” ‘That the government that has left her fortune to all SMEs, freelancers and employees dependent on the housing sector and it fills the mouth of warnings about the dangers of the economic model based on the brick stop taking measures that only benefit the big builders friends. ” ‘That government lawyers that insists”’ and so is right-that the crisis brought her international bankers is not the time to give the bank up to law firm 50,000 million from public coffers without legal any kind of Bakery control, because even do not know where they have gone, but what is certain is that neither SMEs, or the autonomous or families.

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