Goutmana Peter
December 15th, 2015 by thesuper

For a long time civil architecture of Vologda has been neglected. Which, of course, not true. After arhitektyrny city skyline created not only by churches and other places of worship, but also to model homes and mansions past years. They express directly to the spirit of that time were built, giving us a better understanding of what and how our ancestors lived. Despite the fact that the Vologda is now represented in the form of stone buildings, great value represent extant luxurious wooden mansions with unimaginable patterned casing reminiscent of famous Vologda lace all. In the life of the city were different periods and intensive building, and when more thirds of the residents went from Vologda forever.

It certainly left its mark on the architectural appearance of the city. For example, since the early 1700's in Vologda almost erect new buildings. In addition, the decree of 1714 bans the stone construction in the province. Respectively, are not known, and stone buildings of the period. However, by the beginning of XVIII century, Vologda, almost all wooden churches were replaced by stone, and in the northern city of steel poyavilyasya storey stone merchants' mansions. One of the first stone mansion was the home of a merchant Goutmana (Gutman), who sold drugs and medetsinskimi accessories.

The house stayed Goutmana Peter the Great during his visit to Vologda. And despite the fact that for a long time, the restoration of this house has not been conducted with great skill, the mansion is still able to keep track of their facades. Leisurely pace by early nineteenth century was formed and the rest of the ensemble of the left bank of the Vologda River, where stone mansions razmezheny cathedrals and bell towers. I highly recommend attending this interechny city.

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