How To Find Work In A Crisis? – A Practical Tool For Finding A Job
November 12th, 2015 by thesuper

So, you are unemployed. I will not talk about the advantages of this state and that you have the opportunity (hell, she again!) Finally do all those things that you constantly put off, being a person employed, ie employees. But I just still tempted to designate at least a few books a long time you read it? No, not the professional literature, and normal art, which is now sold in huge quantities. And in the theater a long time were? And in a movie? And at the show? Oh, just in the park or the sea when they were last time? So, to pass, smell the grass or the sea and then you can sit in a cafe for a cup of something hot and slowly (), just behind table, reading the very book from the stop list I do not yet convinced? Well, let's get back to work, you still want to get. To begin with, what to look for it is not necessary she will find you. Of course, no one assumes that you'll wait for the knock on the door of your future employers to invite the company.

Some actions still need to accomplish. To start, specify a very clear criteria for what you want. Criteria can be following: the scope of the company, staff, location, level c / n (I recommend to specify the minimum to which you are willing to accept), functional, etc. The more detailed the better. Wrote postponed leaf and proceed to the next step.

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