February 9th, 2013 by thesuper

I am a somewhat small city. While she has everything a person could need at a glance, in my case it is somewhat scarce, because there is too much to offer cultural and entertainment. I like where I live, I like the atmosphere that there is, the way of being people like me, I like quiet but I don’t like to stay without plans for a Sunday afternoon, what happens too often. All this feel even more since I met Madrid. While it was the capital of our country, that people always spoke of it, I never gave me for thinking of bring me. Finally and after, it was fine where I was and if I wanted to know some new place, he preferred to do a viajecillo abroad, who seemed more striking. However, after putting foot into Madrid ground, I changed my mind completely.

Madrid is a unique city, with an indescribable atmosphere that I have not seen in any Spanish city. Deserves both the! it worthwhile to enjoy it! All I found in Madrid captivated me, to such an extent that I am willing to return. My experience in Madrid was completely positive. The city is vast, so if you want to take advantage of the time, do not forget to choose a central accommodation, as in my case (Chamartin hotel Madrid or Parla hotel are all good choices). Thus, you can kick the city, which is what gives grace to Madrid, to see it live. Everything I loved: streets, architecture, artistic heritage, people of so many different nationalities, human warmth that exuded, bustle, smells of multiple restaurants, theatres and musicals can not miss Madrid. November is dismissed with winter atmosphere. Who recalls how it was this month in 2009? NH Hoteles Converts Madrid Mansion Into 5-star Hotel: Il values of the sapere: parla Franco Grasso, ideatore WHR Seminar WHR Web Hotel Revenue call for accelerating action against bad odors of processing plant in Puerto Montt Radio Bio-Bio Marchionne: in Usa if fa, da noi if parla IL VALLONE notizie mussomeli san cataldo serradifalco photo campofranco montedoro hotel milena bompensiere vacanze Sicily sutera marianopoli vallelunga pratameno informazioni villalba Delia Cammarata San Giovanni

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