In the church
April 27th, 2009 by thesuper

To the left Antiquities of the church are the parts related to the history conquest and Romanization of the province archaeology that were found in Besalu Caldas de Malavella and Ampurias.
There are sections with jewels and ceramic fragments S. it is quite clear that when you are in Geneva you must pay a visit to and his brother who run the business started by their father, antiquities dealership and galleries and others dedicated to the cult of the dead, with gallery votive offerings, urns, votive lamps, amulets, etc.. there are many who consider in the highest regard, under the management of now runs the two galleries Another important section Egypt is formed sculptures as exhibits a result of undersea exploration, antiques with amphorae, ceramica Mesopotamia attica cups, glasses, etc. Also exhibited three milestones of interest found in Palau Sacosta in Sarria de Ter
and a mosaic found in the village of Belloc’s Pla.
In the ancient Egyptian antiquity former sacristy art history artifacts of the the Near East church is exhibiting may civilizations be one of the fourth century tomb known as the seasons, New York City and Geneva Switzerland from Ampurias.

Zawya Mesopotamia
05 February 2009 ZARA – Only a few miles galleries south in 1968 of the Dead Sea five-star hotel is a tourist destination that two millennia ago attracted Brothers Ali and the rich and the Greek World and the Roman Empire powerful to in the therapeutic cultures waters.

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