Jeovons Economic
October 10th, 2021 by thesuper

Jeovons says that (1996, p.69) ‘ ‘ we must understand for good any object, substance, action or service that are capable to provide pleasure or to move away suffering (). Everything what is capable to generate pleasure or to prevent suffering can possess utilidade.’ ‘ If on the other hand the indiscriminate exploration of the environment is necessary for the maintenance of an annihilating economic system that introduced the consumerism as rule in the modern societies, these same modern societies that if they hold as irrationals need to understand the utility to keep the life existing as useful and pleasant for supplying conditions of life without suffering. The utility is in the perception of or as required indispensable object for the satisfaction, Jeovons (Pp. 72? 73) understand that ‘ ‘ () the utility, although to be a quality of the things, it is not an inherent quality. It is defined better as a circumstance of the things that appears of relation of these with the requirements of homem.’ ‘ In this manner, the circumstances are important to define what it is or not useful, being that the utility is related to the satisfaction. Ahead of the survival necessity the human being to see itself in a constant search of pleasure as half to prevent suffering. The sufferings happen of the threats proceeding from the ambient possibilities of the collapse, that can more real and be perceived with the amplification of the exhaustion of the natural resources, of the emergency of economic measures that favor the production without the exhaustion of the environment. The current world passes for an ambient collapse, this is a historical circumstance that can draw out or be brightened up with action economic politics and, is not possible to save the Land only with some dozens of ambientalistas and ecologists crying out for true and compromised justice with the life.

The participation of all is necessary the human beings that inhabit the planet Land, therefore ahead of as many problems impression that we have is that many human beings understand the planet Land as a foreign planet where ambient problems are happening only in the yard of that they are compromised to the aggression and the death penalty that is being imposed for the current predatory system economic, that is, the problem is of my neighbor when in the truth none does not have fronteia separating the effect of the destruction of the environment of who believes naive is of the reach of the consequncias of this ambient destruction.

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