Jill Velentayn
July 24th, 2017 by thesuper

Awesome! Of course, meeting was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. Another interesting finding – the room with the experimental animals. Perhaps it was scary. One of the most beautiful boss – giant spider – showed what a fifth resident in terms of graphics. One of the local attractions.

Hybrid bats and centipedes. Sheva! Beware! The graphics in the game, quite literally, stunning. Beautiful location, beautiful characters, beautiful opponents. All beautiful and bright glossy. Look very, very enjoyable and interesting. Like an epic movie with special effects. And this wave of positive constantly pop up story lapses that I could not understand.

Why do some characters turns into a giant octopus, and others – in the clubs of worms? Why Wesker shooting up all sorts of viruses and all the stronger and younger, who grew up on the back instead of the third pair of legs, or tentacles? And how he has enslaved Jill Velentayn crystal ball, which we easily removed from her breast, and presto – we are all the same Jill, with only a couple of scars on the memory. And it is against the swarming everywhere mutogennoy evil. Mega-Bosh! Another Muthoga with chainsaw. Disfigured face so that I had to wear a bag the way, with Albert the situation is not quite clear. In the game it is represented by a demi-god, the possibilities are much higher than we've seen in RE: Code Veronica. In the splash it deftly dodges the bullet (a la Matrix), running along the ceiling with one hand and fighting with Shevoy and Chris, while flipping through the comics (just kidding).

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