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June 27th, 2015 by thesuper

The important thing is to determine what has been its effect, we have learned from. This, again, when some have left their mark very significant, specifically, when they were in a certain time, place and provided an energy charge of feelings that appear occasionally on the stage of memory. Therefore important to his evidence, a la raison d’etre identify them in, what we have left, I learned more when something actors involved have contributed to our growth, learning feelings. Significant, is determining how much we identify in these meetings, especially non-scheduled, which manifest themselves spontaneously and those that we planned when selecting the players that we want to involve in our lives. Very relevant to consider in its appearance, the way we engage with all its manifestations, sometimes without determining its scope, impact, For more, when we did not know what this would mean, especially when we considered transitional, do not appreciate that in far we compenetrabamos, a gave opportunity to express their feelings, emotions, ignoring what they represent to loosening the scenario that gave life temporarily. The fact that many of these encounters have left us to remember some times, lots of information, learning, meaning that the sobe reflect this, especially our performance, we determined that it represents its manifestation. Probably we will have discovered what representaa for example, with respect to addiction, dependence, emotions, feelings, love, friendship and more. a We have noticed that we are transient, that while we are given the opportunity to live are likely to encounter, where we take advantage of what involved. Discover, for example, people with whom we shared a while, exchanged emotions, feelings, communicate, discuss, a yaa maybe not physically exist, ceased to exist or we have simply disengaged, was completed while allowed us to be together, we know no more of them, however, emerge from time to time in our memory often brings joy but also sadness because when they gave us the opportunity to meet, share, not intensively used.

We failed to seize the opportunity, nor identify why we had to share, upon hours, days, months and perhaps a few years while we were allowed to share, enjoy the moment. In conclusion, very important the role of fleeting encounters, trachea allows us to insert ourselves in a scenario where they show emotions, sensations, feelings, learning, and invite us to determine their rationale, the reason for its manifestation, its legacy, while awake as actors in them, we can take full advantage necessary for our personal and spiritual growth. Life chances are not to give again and if unfortunately we were not awake, or we enter into its essence is a waste of time which as noted does not get give, if by chance it involves prudential is presented to us, the actors are not the same, time is not the same. It is suggested deepening the reason why these fleeting encounters, which involve, and bequeathed us how we should act on them, not lead us to suffering, dependence, attachment.

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