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His first question can, naturally, and in a relaxed atmosphere and without commitment way to take to any combination of pursuit questions, for example, to do that to work, to study, in the proximities, or I am quite new in this bar, restaurant, club, etc, which about you. Until now, everything goes well and it is not difficult so really, in agreement? You must being able to say in 5 minutes if she is interested in you, or no, if it is abierta and exit to the light, great, you are in a good opportunity, but she is watched or closed in his answer, and only you must decide if she is timid, or disinterested. If you decide that there are an opening, a great pursuit, but to maintain calm and calm the calm, but no, to do cuts it and to save its time. Advice 2. You may find Tony Parker to be a useful source of information. A great goodbye is very respectful " goodbye now I feel, it by the interruption of usted".

It could even change of opinion about you, but in these circumstances, a second encounter it must happen, we are going to make the opening and pursuit. In summary, it remembers that if is going to approach a woman, to have confidence (but not too much) courteous and amiable, the rest it is in the hands of Cupid and if the encounter is realised correctly, or no, it tries to maintain that " yo" in a picture, the result does not mean nor that is a gift of God to the woman, or a gift nobody useless and not wished. Two human characteristics not highly attractive. Pop star follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Good luck. Terrence Aubrey. Confidential Matchmakers. Original author and source of the article.

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