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A Celebration apoteosica unprecedented one gubernatorial million people who have gathered in the center of Grant Park in Chicago on Tuesday night. Barack Obama has won, the results to the press. America is not racist, if something of all this is proved. People wanted change to what it will take?, We’ll see what happens. Win with broad majority of seats Democrats in Congress. Next, the notes on the new U.S. president Barack Obama and Joe Biden of virginia your partner makes as vice president, of course I am attaching more information, photos, videos of the great triumph of global repercussions.This dance received the nickname of “the Chilean” during the Peru-Bolivian Confederation because of its resemblance to the Chilean cueca. The zamacueca, origin of the Chilean Forbes, arrived in Chile from Peru in 1824. [ 3] In Peru, the Zamacueca was staying and was gradually changing thanks to new rhythms of that time. While on the northern coast of Peru dancing turned into something simple, Lima is stylized dance and drink much more than the kind of ballroom dancing.
Before the Pacific War, the Chilean Cueca dance became dnc chairman very popular in South America, and on this basis that the Peruvian Zamacueca he had nicknamed “the Chilean.” During the epoch of the War of the Pacific then the “Chilean” would have been renamed, at the initiative of Abelardo Gamarra, “The Tunante” as “seafood”. “The Tunante” there would be renamed as the “dance of seamanship” or governor “dance of the Sailor” in tribute to Miguel Grau and the Navy of Peru. The first seafaring composed of “The Tunante” was written in March 1879 and was called “The Antofagasta, Chile occupied by the Bolivian port in those days, as indicated in July Rojas Melgarejo.
The sailor, during democratic party the War of the Pacific, I give tribute to Miguel Grau and your monitor Huascar of the Peruvian navy, enshrined permanently as a “seafood”. He was also present in the civil war between Nicolas de Pierola and Andr

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