New Album Colors
July 15th, 2023 by thesuper

Work on this album was a trip by the longing to fall in love, to the deep encounter with all ups and downs of love to the lack of love and let go with all rags and pain, information on new album colors, which will be released on the 5th of April 2013 to the freedom in the here and now. All these moments and much in between made the colors in this album.” (Mara Kayser 2013) How will you Mara Kayers voice describe? It is these soft, diffused in the literal sense quality that makes this voice so pleasant and distinctive. But what color are the fabrics are woven from the Mara Kaysers musical dreams? Are they bright yellow and sky blue as a sunny day, which she sings in looking for summer, a hot tip for the hit of the summer, so pop happy? Or a delicate moment recording between the understanding of the impermanence of feelings and the awakening of true love they glow in soft pastel colors like in the sensitive love song you and me? The world of colours is much too large to sign on only one Hue to set. Colors have to do so much with moods and emotions. And what appears to be the most beautiful color in one minute, may have already faded in the next moment”, says Mara Kayser, who has invested in their now 18th Studio album again great passion and conviction. Therefore, the fifth collaboration of singer-songwriter dazzles with the musical poet Wolfgang Herrmann in all colors of the spectrum of light. There are the nuances that interested us,”both confess.

“If in and is told about a past love and just awakened feeling of freedom and independence again and again the longing logs, then the music shows with its clarity in save me not that even the darnedest emotion situations can be very easy.” Also musical the dream team plays all colors, which has to provide the musical palette: until the stars no longer shine is pure pop bliss. With the intimate tender for me, Mara suggests gentle ballads tones in there is always a second chance in swing-bliss to revel. She sings a likable macho with humor and a touch of rocker blood in what God has imagined. (Similarly see: real-estate developer). Much joyful life wisdom can be found in the pop good mood songs of the cosmos and when it is time alone. Now women are going to love these songs. At all, Mara Kayser presents on her 18th solo album as a woman who has learned to enjoy life with all its colors without throw of the bumps out of the car.

Who is honest with themselves, know that we humans not only strengths but also weaknesses have. And yet each carries the ability to happiness in itself. These are insights that teaches the life. And so, there is a glimmer of light, which leads us into the light in the darkest colours. Wolfgang has exactly understand me and always the right musical language.” Whether Mara here remember our little song, the most intimate song of their album? Who listen closely, knows why she it your last Year deceased mother Maria has dedicated. But the sensitive text is appropriate for every life situation between goodbye and confidence, past and future. There is not just black and white, but infinitely many shades in between,”Mara knows. And every sensation has its own color. I’m sure that everyone can find his color in my songs, if he just listens to.

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