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November 10th, 2009 by thesuper

Get an affordable health insurance package from has an ultimate goal of making health insurance better! HR Welfare For about 3 decades have developed global programs to assist employees in enterprises. Attention was initially limited health plans to treat alcohol abuse, prescription drugs and insurance other drugs, however there were ever more egregious conflicts related to emotional life. Not health plan only employees are distracted from their duties or medical insurance responsibilities, but also students, teachers, professionals, social workers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, traders, journalists, artists, parents, athletes, and the general community are involved in Personal problematic that prevent them from concentrating on their occupations. According to data compiled by the World Health Organization by 2020 depression dental insurance and its association with emotional disorders will be the second leading cause of disability worldwide. That’s why the programs were successfully implemented for executives, employees at all levels insurance companies within the occupational pyramid, students, teachers, youth and community at large. Welfare HR Consultant is a healthcare company incorporated on 1 de Agosto, 2009 in Santiago, Chile, with the mission to promote integral human development of each employee, in response to a full life individual and community group insurance level, under a healthy environment and thus facilitating the active participation and strengthen the identity and sense of belonging in the company to which it belongs. It has a wide coverage focused health on the different sectors of society: public, private and social. HR Consultant Welfare

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