Prizes of Culture
February 12th, 2014 by thesuper

It has been winning by its capacity to conjugate a determined one and it jeopardize putting in scene and a global text that connects with the Iberian tradition of the absurdity, through a contemporary language of great poetic load, make clear in 2009 in the spectacle Future late. Also, in the category of infantile and youthful theater it has been distinguished the Aracaladanza Company, awarded by his commitment with the scenic arts for the childhood and youth; by its work in the scope of the theater-dance, based on a visual and poetic dramatic art that the infantile public approaches the new languages and by their aesthetic exigency. Brother prizes of Circus Alvarez are the awarded ones of this category by the high quality of their number of equilibristas in the technique of double elastic cord, and by its opening to the new forms of circus expression, as much in their own artistic creation like in spectacles that have promoted from the Circus Sensations. Prize of Photography Jose Manuel Ballester (Madrid, 1960) has been awarded by its trajectory personal, coming from the plastic arts and crystallized with rigor in the field of the photography, by their singular interpretation of the architectonic space and the light, and by its outstanding contribution to the renovation of the photographic techniques. Prize of fashionable Design Paco Rabanne (Passages, Guip’uzcoa, 1934) has been awarded for being more universal the alive fashionable designer Spanish; by its innovation and its contribution to all the scopes of the culture of century XX, creating a new concept that escapes to any conventional classification, when turning the fashion into plastic expression of its time.

Prize of Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Goods Rafael Alonso, restaurador of the Museum of the Prado, has been distinguished by its exemplary professional race of restaurador and its specialization in the technical knowledge of the work of the Greco one, which has turned to him into one of national and international maximums rrentes of the work of this artist. National prize of Television the prize is outstanding the miniseries 23-F, the most difficult day of the King (miniseries), who emitted RTVE, to the recreated salary historical events with high level of exigency and ample acceptance of the hearing. Also Sawing Ibaez Narcissus (1935, Montevideo, Uruguay) has been recognized by its exceptional relevance like creator of a permanent televising language. Source of the news: They are the new National Prizes of the Culture.

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