San Francisco
December 26th, 2019 by thesuper

The first wave of Chinese would come after The Great War. They start slowly, with families that did not continue their way to San Francisco, a grain store and a restaurant overlooking the park, the great dragon. so when the second wave arrived , Shanghai countrymen found less reason to continue their journey, seeing the second generation of the imported breeds of the ancient kingdom of Qi proliferate without difficulty. Thus, in a few years the small village on the banks of reeds of the river would become a small Babylon, which finally transform the gentleness of its original settlers. Learn more on the subject from The Author. That city was reached by the grandmother, at the request of my mother because she, my mother, had arrived a year earlier as a professor of music at the old school and German priests (who almost no one remembered) and which had decayed splendor, keeping their best years barely external and some details here and there, like the small stage, as the piano was already only a spectrum of wood with a pair of keys in ELA that children climbed each recess to jump back to the floor, with no idea of the origin of that unit. a At that time we lived in a small wooden house not far from the school. My parents went to work early, especially my father, who taught in a village near the mountains, where there was the continuing gold rush. So was my grandmother that the universe was in that neighborhood without kids my age, whose houses and streets I remember solitude and a mysterious world of faces peering through the windows, a strange silence and a thin morning fog, two or three times a year, and yet has remained in my memory as the permanent of my childhood: the fog, things seem to fade away in his cloak, amalgamating into a vague entity without defined borders that sneaks through the cracks of each question my desire to meet you, see your face in front..

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