Socially Responsible Trader
June 19th, 2015 by thesuper

Extensive trader have an excellent chance of success, but you tend to go into too much detail that you hide from the general picture. Trader-managers are often overly critical of yourself, but do not acknowledge the obvious errors.

Moreover, under stress you sometimes begin to doubt their own opinions, because they do not consider them satisfactory. Trader administrator also has a good chance of success. Trader-modernizers. The chances of success for such a trader is above average. However, you may have problems with logic and ideas, because you all the time are looking for something new.

Moreover, you may need confirmation from for your ideas, beliefs and systems. Trader-innovator. Your chances of success are above average. However, you probably need to confirm part in all that you do and just need a mentor. Moreover, you may tend to prematurely abandon good systems if they conflict with your emotional reactions. Trader driven values. Your chances of success in trading above average, but you prefer to do things his own way. In addition, you usually difficult to maintain discipline, to bring the case to the end and show attention to detail. Exchange trading sometimes it seems you’re bored, and then you take action to satisfy their need for thrills. An independent trader. You are guided by logic and can easily give up any system for the sole because you do not understand its logic. Moreover, trading can fully absorb you, which will lead to social isolation. You have good chances of success, but to achieve it must work and work.

Representatives of the other seven types is much more difficult to succeed in the arena of stock trading. These are: Socially Responsible Trader. Spontaneous trader. Part-time trader. Scrupulous trader. Trader artist. Traders for entertainment. Trader-adventurer. If you belong to one of these categories, I would not say that trading – too much for your problem, but you have to work harder and develop their commitment to become a successful trader.

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