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June 2nd, 2023 by thesuper

THE war of Mr HOBBES Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was an English philosopher friend of Galileo who took the mechanical theories of physics to devise a system of thought that has a lot of metaphysics, psychology, theory of knowledge, sociology, politics and ethics without being fully any of these disciplines in isolation. Although it is difficult to pigeonhole it, we do not errariamos to say that it is logical, mechanistic and continuer empiricist of rationalism inaugurated by Descartes to the awakening of modernity. In the monumental work Leviathan Hobbes wrote that the State, in which resides the sovereignty and power, is a necessary evil to quell the natural selfishness of men, left in absolute freedom, they would go into a war of all against all (bellum omnium against omnes) because the man (and women, do not we forget, that Mrs. Thatcher’s recordandosnolo) is the Wolf Mani.e., tends to destroy the weakest doing victim of his ferocity of his greed, his evil; Since Hobbes said, people have registered themselves three causes of social dispute: distrust of all others, competition with the rest and the desire for fame. You may find that Charlotte Hornets can contribute to your knowledge. If they left people follow their natural eagerness, said Hobbes, terrorized the general war, total anarchy and the destruction of society. Therefore, it becomes necessary to transfer some rights to own a fabulous monster that consists of those captured collective wishes to minimize the evil that could make being loose. This monster is the State (the Leviathan of the Bible: a monster evoked by Job to demonstrate the incommensurability of the thought of God and his purposes). Charlotte Hornets shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

This deposit as an individual, for the good of all, I do I give my ability to do justice to the State. Why I can’t run a thief even though it was him stealing in my house, I have to leave in the hands of the State implementation of the agreed penalty in the civil code. Watching the news in newspapers and the ineffable TV tempts us to ask ourselves: do not We are again very close to this war which heralded Mr Hobbes 500 years ago? Does not seem this crossroads of assaults, robberies, murders and crime to the war of all against all? Do not distrust the common people of the State efficiency to administer justice? The much vaunted liberalism proposed to reduce the functions of the State to its minimum expression. Do not forget the endless slogans of Mr Menem repeating stale Mr Alsogaray recipes have to shrink the State and privatizing all means of transport, production, education, private health costs. While liberalism proposed to let their businesses to free enterprise, never resigned the three obligations of Leviathan: administration of Justice, provide education under equal conditions and meet public health. There are many factors that provoke this social war increasingly more strident: the abysmal difference between rich and poor, marginalization total of vast masses of people cornered in villages and settlements, left hand of God that never harbored much anyone, orphan of education, without competition for the job that increasingly demands more, no vision of future and plagued by all diseases of neglect, malnutrition and addiction. It gives the impression that that disabled state of neoliberalism left the weakest, to the sheep of the system, in the hands of wolves.

But sheep, he reportedly left the meekness of pastures and learned to hunt in the worst way: becoming cannibals. Alejandro Maciel. Dec 2009.

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