Surge Strategic Management
February 1st, 2010 by thesuper

Surge Strategic Management School in the 1980s and by Henry Mintzberg has two approaches: the policy, which recommends a method for developing a strategy, conceived by workers and, after driving to practice on the other hand, the descriptive approach referred to as creating or are the strategies and means that the formulation and implementation phases interact and recreate. Companies do not create their strategies deliberate but arise from their activities. The pioneers of this discipline was Peter Drucker who said the strategic thinking through a few simple questions, What is our business , Where are we and where we want to be therefore define devoted (diagnosis), define where you want to go (vision) and define the ways to reach (as). The other Igor Ansoff who pioneered a series of development strategies as conquer new markets (Ansoff Matrix).Another important author is Michael Porter who developed competitive strategies (Porter’s generic strategies) and a series of matrices of industry analysis, Analysis Porter‘s Five Forces, Value Chain, etc..

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