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The young and weak prince Einon was wounded in a battle that sought to overthrow the cruel father, King Freyn. To save him from death, his mother, Queen Aislinn leads him to Draco, a dragon who removes a part of your heart to grant the injured boy and cauterize the wound with a flash of fire. Grateful to the dragon, the protector of the young prince, the knight Bowen, promised to settle this debt in the near future.
Years go by and Einon reveals so brutal and ruthless as his father, Bowen and attributes this to the heart of the dragon which swears revenge. online dictionary So over the years, Bowen became a hunter killing dragons all it finds. Meets his brother Gilbert, a monk aspiring poet who is impressed by the prowess of Bowen, so it goes on to recount his exploits in verse epic. Thus looking for more dragons Bowen encounters Draco, the dragon who gave part of his heart to Einon. Ignoring this, the two decide to fight and the confrontation agree to join forces to present an act known only to them. Bowen allegedly “hunting” to Draco and then claimed a reward from the town or village which protects slew the dragon that was “terrifying.” Since then, Bowen and Draco must save the entire kingdom of the domain of the cruel King Einon, who is part of Draco and this is part of it. Finally, Bowen was forced to hurt Draco death, throwing a hatchet at his heart, thus killing Einon.

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