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Apr 11th, 2014 by thesuper

Also helps combat the fungus that causes dandruff because of its fungicidal action. We can buy a shampoo that contains tea tree or using a very simple method is to add four drops tree essential oil of the te undiluted on the dose of shampoo (preferably neutral) that we are on hand to wash our hair. Pediculosis: Is a very effective remedy against lice. First we will wash us our Shampoo (add 4 drops to the dose we use) and then after rinsing hair peinaremos it with a comb impregnated with oil. Body hygiene: this oil is very recmendable for people who flock to gyms, swimming pools or any other public places, where it is exposed to multiple infections. Since it is a very powerful antiseptic, can be used in small amounts in the hands or feet, or diluted in water through spray or mouthwash. For infections, gynecological and hemorrhoids: A sitz bath for 20 minutes with 10 drops of pure oil diluted in warm water.

Nail: In the case of fungi (Mycosis), ingrown nails and removing ingrowing nails can place directly essential oil on the affected area. To intensify the treatment performed local baths in 1 or 2 liters of water slightly hot with 8 drops of essential oil for 20 minutes. For athlete’s foot, clean with a cotton impregnated with essential oil of the tree of the you pure and do the same operation as for the ingrown nails. Conjunctivitis: Add a drop of oil in a glass (of glass) with boiled water warm, soak a cotton, squeeze it and placed on the eyelids for 20 mins. 2 times a day. First aid: this essential oil is indispensable in the Home Kit, because it gives us a wide range of possibilities as well as allowing us to customize products cosmetics, dotandolos of therapeutic properties, which make this oil an option useful, safe, economic, non toxic and naturally effective.

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