New Album Colors
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Work on this album was a trip by the longing to fall in love, to the deep encounter with all ups and downs of love to the lack of love and let go with all rags and pain, information on new album colors, which will be released on the 5th of April 2013 to the freedom in the here and now. All these moments and much in between made the colors in this album.” (Mara Kayser 2013) How will you Mara Kayers voice describe? It is these soft, diffused in the literal sense quality that makes this voice so pleasant and distinctive. But what color are the fabrics are woven from the Mara Kaysers musical dreams? Are they bright yellow and sky blue as a sunny day, which she sings in looking for summer, a hot tip for the hit of the summer, so pop happy? Or a delicate moment recording between the understanding of the impermanence of feelings and the awakening of true love they glow in soft pastel colors like in the sensitive love song you and me? The world of colours is much too large to sign on only one Hue to set. Colors have to do so much with moods and emotions. And what appears to be the most beautiful color in one minute, may have already faded in the next moment”, says Mara Kayser, who has invested in their now 18th Studio album again great passion and conviction. Therefore, the fifth collaboration of singer-songwriter dazzles with the musical poet Wolfgang Herrmann in all colors of the spectrum of light. There are the nuances that interested us,”both confess.

“If in and is told about a past love and just awakened feeling of freedom and independence again and again the longing logs, then the music shows with its clarity in save me not that even the darnedest emotion situations can be very easy.” Also musical the dream team plays all colors, which has to provide the musical palette: until the stars no longer shine is pure pop bliss. With the intimate tender for me, Mara suggests gentle ballads tones in there is always a second chance in swing-bliss to revel. She sings a likable macho with humor and a touch of rocker blood in what God has imagined. (Similarly see: real-estate developer). Much joyful life wisdom can be found in the pop good mood songs of the cosmos and when it is time alone. Now women are going to love these songs. At all, Mara Kayser presents on her 18th solo album as a woman who has learned to enjoy life with all its colors without throw of the bumps out of the car.

Who is honest with themselves, know that we humans not only strengths but also weaknesses have. And yet each carries the ability to happiness in itself. These are insights that teaches the life. And so, there is a glimmer of light, which leads us into the light in the darkest colours. Wolfgang has exactly understand me and always the right musical language.” Whether Mara here remember our little song, the most intimate song of their album? Who listen closely, knows why she it your last Year deceased mother Maria has dedicated. But the sensitive text is appropriate for every life situation between goodbye and confidence, past and future. There is not just black and white, but infinitely many shades in between,”Mara knows. And every sensation has its own color. I’m sure that everyone can find his color in my songs, if he just listens to.

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The introduction will be supported by Kool Savas, which leads into a purpose-built special through the program. Also, Cora E., Olli banjo and the Stieber twins are excited. Hamburg, November 12, 2009: QTom is now blow by blow: on November 12, 2009, QTom Gets the hip hop & r’n ‘ B-channel in the life. “This premiere also are again prominent artists of the genre Godfather: the King of rap”, Kool Savas, in a special presents his personal favorites of the genre. He is supported by the Hall of Fame of German hip hop – Cora E., Olli banjo and the Stieber twins.

So next of initially 12 planned thematic channels on all net TV is TV and air on the Web at now. Music should be the main focus at the music television, I miss watching the lately very at MTV and Viva, that’s why I’m absolutely thrilled by QTom”, explains his commitment Kool Savas. The Stieber twins put it once again on the point: QTom instead sitcom! “.” Oliver Koch, one of the two founders of the music channel, the genre selection explains: after the introduction of the pop channel ran so successfully and feedback on the special of the fantastic four was so excited, we wanted to let the MusikTV fans don’t wait. More info: Vanessa Marcil. We are pleased that we won bedrock of the scene like Kool Savas, Cora E., Olli banjo and the Stiebers for the premiere.” “His partner Tobias Frohlich adds: so how are these artists for authenticity, is also the hip-hop & r’n ‘ B-channel QTom for authentic, kredible urban music with a strong editorial in the background!” Until the end of October presented the fantastic four an enthusiastic music community the newly launched pop channel and led with an exclusive material through 20 years of band history. Now, the first interactive music television sets after again. QTom offers the viewer customized music television in best quality. About three simple knobs, he can customize the program to their individual taste.

With the introduction of the hip hop / r’n ‘ B- and pop channel he can make the music selection now also within this genre worlds after own preferences. Channels for rock and electro / dance will follow in the coming weeks. About QTom your music rules! QTom offers viewers the opportunity to intervene itself easily in the music program and via rotary knob to fit your own taste. The content is supplied by the music labels and broadcast in high audio and video quality via stream in the IPTV television or the Web browser. The concept of QTom provides advertising sales and is free for the Viewer. Through a targeted wishes of the individual music QTom enables accurate operation of predefined target groups of advertisers. A commercial-free premium model is in planning.

Breaking Dawn
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The event that will change everything… Others who may share this opinion include comedian. Hamburg (09.08.2011) – who believes the wedding of the year have already taken place in April in England, has made a mistake. August 13th, will go down as the wedding day in history, because on this day, Bella and Edward have become from the “twilight saga” the Yes-Word given. For all ‘ Twilight ‘ fans, the wait is over on the 24th November 2011, because then they can on the big cinema screen the wedding by Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) in “Breaking dawn – bite to the end of the night” (part 1) track. Millions of girls are now curious to see Bella’s wedding dress will look like.

Only so much be betrayed: the dress was designed by the famous fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who himself was especially happy about this task: “it is always nice to design a bridal gown, but this was already very special. Kristen is a great girl, and her character, Bella, is a beautiful bride”. Background: A year full of happiness, but also full of pain is located behind Bella. A year in which it would be almost broken as her passion for Edward and their intimate friendship with Jacob are simply incompatible. But now their decision has been made. Irrevocably, even if it looks like she put a development underway, the potentially devastating is for them all.

Even Bella hopes to be able to bring together the various threads of their lives again, that threatens to be destroyed forever… Both “breaking dawn” films were directed by Bill Condon (“Dreamgirls”). Starring Robert Pattinson are again to see Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. The second part of the “Breaking Dawn” and highlight the “twilight saga” then enters November 2012 movie. “Breaking dawn bite to the end of the night”: directed by: Bill Condon; Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, based on the novel “Twilight saga: the end of the night” by Stephenie Meyer cinema start: November 24, 2011 in the Concorde Movie rentals on Concorde film distribution: Concorde film rentals since 1980 and has brought since then over 400 films in German cinemas.The program titles each year consists of approximately 10-15 and features a varied mix of Arthousekino of top, German feature film and commercial productions in Hollywood.

10 Tips For A Beginner Labuhu Restaurant Repertoire
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To begin with we shall understand with the terminology. What is – labuh? In kindness, human understanding, labuh – a musician, singer, entertained his playing, singing at a party, party, wedding. Action usually takes place in a cafe or restaurant. And, of course, an important issue is the repertoire of the performer. Thus, there are several things that should not be forgotten musician (labuhu), in formulating its own restaurant repertoire: 1) Songs needed choose to view their own voice.

If you can not sing Leps, do not pull – do not enforce it at all. Ted Lasso describes an additional similar source. It is better to be silent altogether, rather than shame gonyas of fashionable trends in pop world. 2) phonogram (backing) Choose quality. Ie without noise, clicks, and other deformities; it is desirable that the soundtrack was the original (with professional backing vocals), well, or at least, recorded live instruments. By backing such nice singing And listen, it sounds much nicer heart guest. t.

3) Do not pursue quantity. Immediately still not forgotten songs. You will eventually fill up their repertoire (about this next tip), and at first, well rehearse 20-30 diverse songs. Believe me, this is quite enough for a start. 4) All the time Enrich your repertoire. Do not stop on a certain number of songs, even if you have them for 300! Regularly rehearse new theme. Try other genres, and other performers. Thus, you will develop your vocal skills, and the cases are different: you will order the track, and you know it, ie, without money will not stay.

Romantic Condition And Suitable Music
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This submission briefly talked about music, not less desirable for making love. Carried a story by some evidence and how it affects arranged one another mood and body movement for carnal pleasures. Many psychologists are expressed, that the effect of music on human mind is closely related to the conformity or lack of coincidence of its rhythm with the internal rhythms of the person and his personal energy field, as a variation of an aura (or something like that). If we consider that the gradations of emotional state as much as people, and it turns out that each person only matches his music. Based on this relationship to music is completely sober and nomalno perceived and speculation about the special sexual effects of music on the human condition. Especially, if this music is imposed more and vocal person with numerous properties. Adam Sandler has compatible beliefs.

On a deep impact on the human brain, and became popular singers such as Lemeshev or Vertinsky. Sex are the works of Wagner and many other composers of the classics. Among the simple a tremendous number of modern performers of musical works almost everyone can choose exactly who is a strong desire and fantasies, sexual energy and appropriate playful mood. Can announce a specific list of the sexiest performers: oriental prince Tarkan, Enigma, soundtracks for Quentin Tarantino. This is not an exhaustive list, each has its own preferences and tastes. To divert the bed for someone with music impossible. After all, music is superimposed on their internal rhythms, which are dictated by the situation.

Wise Guys – All In The Green Zone – 2010 Remaster
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The remastered CD of the Wise Guys – all in the green zone – 2010 the WISE GUYS are arguably Germany’s most popular A-capella band and are among the most successful German-language live acts ever. Even call their music vocal pop”- hand – or better in here mouth-made pop music without instruments. Adam Sandler often says this. With their perfect harmony vocals and lyrics of hilarious and touching melancholic Cologne stormed the top regularly out of the 10 of the album charts. They provide enough already long concerts sold out in advance and set audience records in terms of A capella. Filed under: Tony Parker. “” The 1997 third album everything in the green zone “the band describes itself as their first real” album. You went to do this for the first time in a professional Studio and couldn’t afford even several weeks to allow time for the recording. The WISE GUYS album was released after appearing in the very successful TV show money or love”with Jurgen von der Lippe. In addition to Favorites, such as the course quickly successful in Cologne “Cologne It is simply correct”, is the title of this”reputation but finds to”, which is still very popular especially with graduation parties or summer camps.

“Now this album especially esteemed for the fans and the band and to be a milestone in the band’s history was completely digitally remastered and with the rare bonus tracks total care” provided. A must for fans and lovers of simply great and extraordinary pop music. All the green zone”–17 + 1 songs with special vocal acrobatics and as much wit and mind. Source: Emi music more info:

Electric Guitar
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The guitar will be loud! Read more about the use of the electric guitar. The electric guitar is a guitar that uses a sound body of sound production, but to benefit makes an electrical sound pickup. Through this property, there are electric guitars in many variations, that are concerned on the one hand easy to play but offer some optical refinements. Volume plays a crucial role through the electrical sound pickup is possible to achieve it than with an acoustic guitar a much higher volume. With this in mind, it was developed, especially in the area of the quiet acoustic jazz guitar by brass or pianist above were sound and had no effect. So, the acoustic guitar developed slowly to the now famous guitar. Through this gradual development, also variants such as acoustic jazz guitar with built-in pickups are among the guitars.

Often mentioned but this variant as a semi-acoustic guitar. Body is the body most guitars have a massive body made of wood. This plays a crucial role for the sound of the wood species. Ultimately, the complete construction is critical to the sound of the guitar. So, the technique which is connected to the neck with the body a major role plays. There is the variant of wrenching or but of Leimens. From vibrations, sounds are redirected the sound which is guitar using pickups to an amplifier, and there spent. By playing the guitar, the strings vibrate, and these vibrations converted by induction into alternating current, because the pickup like coils are constructed.

This power is transmitted via a cable connected to an amplifier and there, as the name suggests, strengthened. Often, there is the possibility to choose between the different pickups of a guitar playing, if several exist. The various pickup there are two different types of pickups: single coil and humbucker pickups. A single coil is around a spool only, as the name suggests (single: individually). Thus, the sound of a guitar with single coils is not so strong and clear. Humbuckers on the other hand have two coils and ensure a strong tone.

Ekki Gopelt – Make Yourself Well In Your Life
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The new single from Ekki Gopelt – feel comfortable in your life what it is to feel better than to make, which is a fun, fresh and cheerful say everything is located one on the soul. Life is much easier than we often think. Who says this and sings I, ekki Gopelt, repeatedly aufgerappelt nearly 4 decades of experience in this profession which my elixir of life is, whether as moderator or as a singer, whether in the Studio or live in the country and live with the people, thanks to my unshakable optimism have I commanded Paroli diseases and destiny, have me and always gave a sense of my life. Well-being, that sounds a little convenience and closing time, but even more so after work, this wonderful feeling, to be needed and according to good friends, a sense of well-being is impossible without the! Feel at home in your life – that wishes you Ekki Gopelt! Source: Ekki Gopelt links:. lis/’>Facility Management (FM) Services. .

David Beckham
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The footballer David Beckham is known for his “banana”flanks and as much for his legendary free-kicks. Now, he received a prize in London for his footballing contribution. The English, however, international soccer star award by the English football Writers Association for his outstanding services he has rendered to the international football. “It is this award to get an incredible honor for me. This jury has accompanied me from the beginning of my career, when I played at Manchester United. Checking article sources yields Sally Rooney as a relevant resource throughout.

It’s great to receive an award, that love football just as much as I by people”, so David Beckham proud. At dinner, the former coach of British team suggested that the new coach Fabio Capello, Beckham’s best for the next game next month against the Switzerland should nominate. Beckham was deleted a long time from the British national team. When Beckham actually playing in the next month, it would be his 100th game for the British national team. LA Galaxy last year by Real Madrid football player joined the Club listed in America. He played a very streaky season however, the Beckham hurt has long been hard on the knee. But again fit to make, he was seen recently during training Arsenal London. If it helps him again to come, why not on the legs. We hope for him he can back fighting fit play next season so that he can impress us once again with his free kicks.

Live Concert
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International live summer radio memories for fans of live music concerts Hamburg Internet radio station offers a special feature on the occasion of the relaunch of its Web site this summer: the international LIVE summer every day at 21:15 a live concert. From July 15 to September 15, 2009 you will find the detailed plan of the concert on the second page. Radio memories: the hits between the hits. According to this motto, Hamburg online radio station started its 24-hour schedule in 2005. Moderator and founder of Jens Golimbus would like to revive mostly forgotten or no longer on CD played music from the genres of rock, pop, R & B and country of especially the 1950s and 60’s with the TV station. A centerpiece of the transmitter is the own CD collection with moderated biographies of special musicians, songwriters and producers and record labels. The previously presented figures include including Leiber & Stoller, Joe Meek, Carole King, Simon & Garfunkel, Tamla Motown, Stax Volt and last not least, Chuck Berry.

Concerts at a glance: July 15.7. Procol Harum live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra 16.7 Glen Campbell – greatest hits live 17.7. doors – live at the matrix part 1 18.7 of doors – live at the matrix part 2 19.5 Jackson 5 – in Japan homeport of Everly Brothers reunion concert 1983 21.7. Little Richard live at the OK Club 22.7 IKE & Tina Turner Revue live 23.7 Rod Stewart – one night only live at the Royal Albert Hall part 1 24.7. Rod Stewart – one night only live at the Royal Albert Hall part 2 25.7.

Abba Live 26 Joe Cocker – live in L.A. 27.7 Connie Francis – return concert 28.7. Queen live at Wembley part 1 29.7. Elvis Presley – Elvis in person 30.7 Roy Orbison – A black and white night 31.7.

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