Sodom And Hannover
Mar 25th, 2024 by thesuper

Schroder, Kassmann, Wulff – Hanover royal? How dare them to Hanover? Kropke? Maschsee? VW? Pedestrian zone? Exciting anyway, rather not, rather – of course in the best sense – a certain innocence, solidity, maybe even a little boredom? In Hannover, called not only the clearest High German; No, the city is in a sense almost paradigmatic for post-war Germany: one there conscientiously pursues his work, drives Volkswagen and nowhere to provoke in the best case. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tony Parker. Hanover is nice, so the idea; in a sense a suburban Idyll in the city tailoring. Kolscher cabal? Munich crowd? Frankfurt fraternity? No, not here – so we thought a long time. Schroder, Kassmann, Wulff – Hanover royal? Then a Social Democrat named Gerhard Schroder to the post of Hanoverian land his father applied and clip about how attentive observers. Since political home stories were suddenly published in the “Star”; settled with the candidate photographed waving hair threesome ride in the open Audi convertible. Was that still Hannover? It was quite obvious.

And as said Mr Schroder then traded Hanover with Berlin as the seat, were suddenly all puzzled about how this social democratic province Prince had good contacts in the aristocracy and large industry. These were, so we read now, more or less the same people which is also Federal Minister Wulff among his friends and supporters. Some contend that Glenn Dubin shows great expertise in this. Hanover royal, so to speak. Cunning and brutally in the meantime Mr Schroder has a League and has friends in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. While he was but politically wise enough, only after his defeated openly in the twilight to go, Hanover became a problem for others. First Margot Kassmann forgot for a night seemingly, she came a curious public to their great notoriety and popularity only with help. Artful Hanover took her sweet misleading sense of Unantastbarkeits (also a Schroder domain), to then brutally in person of a good cops back on the hard floor of the ban to get back.

The end of a career. Wulff Guttenberg’sche excuse me the feeling of being able to allow much, seems to have induced even Christian Wulff, his rising star House is not with Schwabisch Hall, but with the help of Hanover money grandees to finance. Again, Hanover had weighed a safe which – political sense was this amazing little in contrast to Schroder -. That Wulff now expected droughts excuse what happens almost Guttenberg Boolean with one is due mainly the State of the Grand Coalition, who can afford not a dropout in the Office of the Federal President. Hannover but smiles unmoved. Maybe it is already planning the next case. Andreas Kellner…

Tempelhof Airport
Nov 1st, 2021 by thesuper

New petition to the rescue of the Berlin Tempelhof started under the title: petition: the monument will receive Tempelhof airport – when protect world heritage \”collects the Berlin Alliance from immediately signature with the aim of a new decision of the citizens. Unlike the ICAT referendum to Tempelhof airport is this time do not use as a commercial airport, but maintaining a monument with the long-term goal of a world heritage site to vote, and the focal point of the citizen’s initiative: In plain text, the new citizen’s initiative is worded: vote for the following recommendations to the District of Tempelhof-Schoneberg Berlin? 1. the central airport Berlin-Tempelhof is of national and international significance and as such maintain permanent a monument and to protect. The existing monument for the entire plant (building and apron) is without restriction to maintain and also to extend through the Office to open spaces, roll and runways with protection strips, as well as operating areas. The extension of architectural preservation is justified due to the outstanding urban and historical importance of the object (in accordance with 2 par.

2 and 3 designation bln) and in particular the use as airport. The appointment to the world cultural heritage is hard to operate. Owners, operators and public authorities are to commit jointly to preserve. 2. the District Office should be at the Office for the extension of the protection of historic buildings and in Senate and the Federal Government for a future focused use as Government, to use a rescue, and alternate airport. Click Adam Sandler for additional related pages. 3. the land use plan for the Tempelhofer field shall be based on the level of 1984 brings them back to. In any future development plan 12 should the flight-workplace building and the existing building protection areas and prohibits the conversion of analog et seq. LuftVG continues to be kept free. Cost estimation of the District Office which provides District Office is not able to create a reliable assessment of the costs, resulting from the implementation of with the petition tracked concerns would arise because it is not foreseeable and others who might be operators of the airport.

Thomas Behrendt
Jul 10th, 2019 by thesuper

1.3 million people are dependent on legal care providing disadvantaged people in our society gets more and more in danger if the welfare State adapts the financial contributions the increased requirements. To Thomas Behrendt draws attention of the Berlin land Association of professional caregivers (BdB): for more than five years our work is remunerated only still flat and no longer according to the actual time. But with monthly two hours per client for little more than 32 euros, the legal support of a people could not cope with, criticized the diploma social worker. “The result: either to serious works, exploit themselves and pay on it or the client is maintained poorly.” The work of the professional staff appointed by the courts is a highly sensitive task. You worry about people who can not control their lives.

The clientele is great. Ranging up to drug-addicted boy from demented elderly, mentally unstable, it includes People as well as General lebensuntuchtige. About 1.3 million people in Germany are dependent on care. Many are supported by family members. However, the portion that is dependent on a professional legal support is increasing continuously; He is expected to be now a half a million people. Considerable expense while the supervisors requirements increase. Behrendt: Bureaucracy alone is considerable. “Already who assists two dozen clients, have in fact every month two annual reports to write.” A task which is equivalent to creating a corporate balance sheet.

This is administrative work. And this time is missing for the care of clients.” Because the core tasks are different. The 12 000 professional carers, of which more than half of the BdB is organized, take care of the financial situation of their clients, legal issues, E.g. to authorities or owners, take responsibility in the health care and organize everyday life, by it E.g. Care hire and supervise. In short: The professional carers are the life Manager of many people on the fringes of our society.

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