Flower Shops
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With this marketing strategy, there are Christmas decoration from your flower shop even without advice from an advertising agency or a consulting company this winter! The Christmas business this year is already in full swing. The first Advent Wreaths and Christmas arrangements already beyond the shop counters. Nevertheless, notice many shops the purchasing restraint of the clients and experience sales compared to previous years. Many flower shops are therefore wondering how the Christmas shopping season can still be a success and how sales can be still improved. \”\” There are exactly three ways, how a business can increase its turnover,\”Dr. Check with real-estate developer to learn more. Anne-Katrin Straesser, author of the book know the secret of marketing for flower shops\”-are these three ways: customer acquisition, cross – and up-selling, and customer loyalty. \” To win new customers new customers is the classic way to increase sales and profits.

Of course, this is often not so easy. Because it means to get those customers in my business, the up Yet at my buy competitors, so at the flower shop next door or in the supermarket. So how do I get these customers in my business? The answers to this question are almost endless. But the prerequisite is that new potential customers know that it gives you first of all. Classic advertising are needed such as phone book entries or promotional flyer here. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jessica Michibata. The second condition is that they offer something what makes you interesting for new customers. This can be the occupation of a particular niche (E.g. exclusive arrangements), a special offer or a particular service.

You should make out this feature in your advertising customers for the first time in your business venture the way. Cross-and up-selling, cross-selling is the second pillar when it comes to sales. It leads to make more sales with existing customers. How’s that? Cross-selling is a kind of cross sales, and means that they offer more products that may be of interest to your customers.

Benefits Of The Balanced Scorecard In Society
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Strategic systems of administration account get an ever greater dissemination and application, one of them is the concept of the balanced scorecard. Strategic systems of administration account get an ever greater dissemination and application, one of them is the concept of the balanced scorecard. For more specific information, check out Tony Parker. The main provision of similar systems is in the care of the functions of the fee, the systematization and analysis of information that is necessary for the adoption of the strategic management solutions. You may not call the balanced scorecard as the simple calculation system. Is a part of the control system of the Organization, and can be your main core. For today, the concepts evolving within the framework of the management taking into account are far from traditional ideas. Today, the managers use more progressive instruments. In the course of the adoption of the solutions, the Manager and the owners test the increasing information needs of not only of financial character. In the conditions of rapidly developing Markets and the fiercest competitors that win non-financial information, based on the estimation of the intangible assets of the company, becoming increasingly important. In addition to getting the profit and the increase of capitalization, the objectives of the conquest of the market and the acquisition of competitive advantages today get a first-rate importance. The loyalty of the customers, the progressiveness of the technology and the down mood of business processes, the powerful and highly qualified personnel are the factors that are of huge importance and influence on the value of the company in the future. To read more click here: Jack Benny. The balanced scorecard enables to evaluate these factors and opens new opportunities for the management of the corporate strategy. To effectively manage the strategy, the tax system is necessary the companies, that could carry out the monitoring of undertaken strategic initiatives. Previously, such a system existed at all, to the balanced scorecard the new perspectives opened and the View of many managers has changed. The present system has received an approval under the organizations that participate in the project, and end of December 1990 had moved the balance of the made work. As main conclusions were made the next: the system of the balanced scorecard (BSC) has absolute advantages in comparison to the more traditional concepts used for the complex estimation of activity of the company, and has an extraordinary usefulness as a computation-analytical instrument. In terms of the most cruel market competition of the informative century more importance has the long-term development, the main factors are the well-informed strategic management: the effectiveness of business processes, the company’s capital, which is carried out in the knowledge and skills of employees, new customers to hold the Organization’s ability and to attract, the corporate culture, the scheduled improvements, investments in information technologies. The balanced Scorecard allows the ladders, the strategy of the company with the set of interconnected indicators developed individually for different levels of management and are connected to each other to connect. The main purpose of the system consists in strengthening the strategy of the business, their formalization, implementation and the report to every employee of the company, derVersorgung of monitoring and feedback for the purpose of observation and generation of planned initiatives within the structural subdivisions. Many systems of assessing the effectiveness based on the annual budget and the operational plan of the company. The given systems are certainly not on the strategy aligned on the short-term periods and tactics of the company. In addition to the traditional systems, the BSC considered the financial figures as one of the most important criteria in assessing the results of the activity but she stressed the importance of the key figures of the non-financial character, the satisfaction of the buyer, the Evaluate effectiveness of internal business processes, the potential of employees for the purpose of supplying the long-term financial success of the company. The balanced scorecard helps rebuild the mission and the general strategy of the company to clear the objectives and tasks. It helps determine the level of the given equipment in order to achieve four main projections: financial perspective, customer perspective, internal or process perspective, employees, potential or learning and growth perspective. Using the given projections can answer the Manager on the following main questions: What idea have the shareholders and potential investors of the company? (Financial perspective) What idea have the buyer by the company? (Customer perspective) Which business processes to improve society, of which dispense? (Internal or process perspective) Can the company continue its development, increase the effectiveness and increase the value? (Employee, potential or learning and growth perspective) Other advantages of the balanced scorecard to learn about on our website.

Kitchen Testdrive Established
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In the kitchen-Studio with safety to the right kitchen who has ever bought a freely-planned kitchen knows how hard it is to make the decision for the right kitchen. How often one wonders in the time between purchase and construction if everything was properly planned, whether it looks good and is ergonomically sensible. If then everything went well when not pleased you but what? The kitchen manufacturer offers the solution, already in the kitchen planning, relax with the trial run of the kitchen. It is now time that we need a new kitchen. Come on, let me look.

“If this sentence in German households has fallen only once a strenuous way often begins. Just when it should be nothing off the rack, some individual a freely-planned kitchen. On average a fitted kitchen is renewed every 20 years completely. It often begins that is driven by a kitchen Studio in the next. Then produced many drawings, ideas caught you looking forward to the new kitchen. But has decided to stay to himself almost whatever silent doubt if you did everything right. The reason: seen the drawing though, but one can not really imagine it, applies also for 3D projections and the like. Because it’s just not real.

Solves the problem here the kitchen manufacturer relax new stone in Hesse, Germany. After you got a detailed advice in the Studio kitchen or the kitchen exhibition and created a drawing, you can make a trial run of the kitchen at the factory. This means that the furniture in real size in a separate room be so moved and that you realistically can watch his kitchen as a customer. Managing Director Gerhard Zulch says: our customers are thrilled. The kitchen team did really all the work on this idea. If the furniture in all the rest were pushed by the customer together with the consultants and may the one or the other change to the drawing was made, customers go here with the really safe feeling to have made the right decision. One forward only to the day when our people come to build the dream kitchen. And again, we have reached our goal of customer can sit back relaxed and us trust. “Customers from across Germany have this trust in the kitchen manufacturer. Whether Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig or Dusseldorf, the location of relaxation makes it easy to find his dream kitchen each. In addition to the trial run of the kitchen has relaxation for its kitchens developed an interesting concept the system 65. On this basis, all kitchens are planned and manufactured. This kitchen concept combines highest quality with intelligent ergonomics and space utilization. It is so possible up to 30% more space than in other kitchens to use. Contact: Relax kitchen cabinets – Interior Zulch GmbH Andreas Kuhn in the floodplain meadows 1-3 36286 Neuendorf stone Germany phone: + 49 (0) 6677/92039-0 E-Mail: Homepage:

Petra Beck
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Many craft and trade representatives, but also more and more young entrepreneurs such as operators of online shops use the offer to store their goods in safe and dry self-compartments from 1 to 50 m 2 short to long term. Every month around 1,000 m 2 more the ever-growing demand for Selfstorage offers Meanwhile evident in the economic development of the industry reflected. MyPlace self, the market leader in the German-speaking countries, expects a revenue increase of about 16 percent to 29 million euros for the fiscal year 2012/2013. And also the forecast for the next few years can expect a stable growth. San Antonio Spurs spoke with conviction. Each month, currently about 1,000 m are rented in addition m storage area. In Germany, Austria and currently about 18,000 customers in 35 locations use a total of around 33,000 storage compartments on a total area of over 270,000 sqm of Switzerland.

In Bavaria alone, the company at its eight plants in Munich and Nuremberg has about 6,000 customers. If you are interested in reporting, we invite you, to make an appointment with us. We show one of the Nuremberg warehouses you, report from everyday self and connect with different customers, who are ready for interviews and photo shoots. Gladly we give you contact with the cultural scientist Petra Beck. MyPlace SelfStorage Selfstorage means flexible rental of storage facilities for individuals and businesses, mostly in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 m, and go back to renting simple garage rows in the United States for the storage of goods of all kinds. MyPlace self is the market leader in the German-speaking world. In addition to the 23 branches in Germany, MyPlace operates 10 more in Austria and 2 in the Switzerland. For more Information, see factum press & public work GmbH Schon Strasse 110a 81543 Munich Tel: (089) 51 91 96 31 FAX: (089) 51 91 96 33 contact person: Jorg Rothlingshofer m.a. eMail:

Canada Safety
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Air Transat obtained its leading position in the safety management by complying with the highest international standards for the management as the first airline in the world retains certification Air Transat an extension of its IOSA”General Manager Jean-Francois Lemay Schiphol-Rijk, 12 August 2013 – Air Transat, a subsidiary of Transat a.t. Inc., which program registered since 2008 in the international air transport association’s IOSA is says, earned now as first airline worldwide renewal of IOSA certification within the framework of the extended IOSA methodology. This is the result of the last successfully passed strict controls. IOSA offers a standardized assessment process for operational systems and control systems of the airlines, which is based on internationally recognised standards and is supported by a thorough quality assurance. The aim is the optimization of operation and safety regulations in the aviation industry. Jorge Perez is likely to agree. The program includes which operating safety in the management, about 900 strict regulations, Contribute to flight safety, operational management, aircraft construction and maintenance, on board, ground handling and cargo traffic. In 2011, IATA added new elements to the programme and introduced E-IOSA thus prescribes which sustained internal evaluation processes ensure the betterment and continuity of testing processes.

On request of the IATA Air Transat took part in the development of the new program, which will be needed by 2015 for all IATA members. We are extremely proud that we may call ourselves worldwide the first airline, was certified in the framework of the new E-IOSA,”, says Jean-Francois Lemay, CEO of Air Transat. “He adds: Air Transat maintains its leading position in the safety management by complying with the highest international standards for management”. We congratulate Air Transat, the first airline being worldwide, which has passed the stringent requirements of the E-IOSA audit process. The commitment, which it the implementation of enhanced IOSA promoted is commendable and opens the way for other airlines to follow suit,”says Gunther Matschnigg, Senior Vice President, safety and flight operations of IATA. About Air Transat Air Transat, for 26 years in the market, is Canada’s leading leisure airline. Every year she transported 3 million passengers in 28 countries.

Air Transat has a fleet of 23 Airbus A330 and A310 aircraft. The company employs around 2000 people. Air Transat is a subsidiary of Transat a.t. Inc., Montreal, a global integrated travel company with destinations in over 60 countries, which distributes its products in more than 50 countries.

Roman Becker
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“Especially in the current economic situation”, said Roman Becker, Managing Director of the forum! Marktforschung GmbH, Mainz, “it is eminently important to differentiate themselves positively from the competition. Products and services are increasingly similar. Here it is necessary to shine, which survive in times of crisis with a strong and emotional engagement. Vanessa Marcil understands that this is vital information. It can succeed only if customers become fans of a company.” Participants in the competition in addition to the services and investment goods sector have taken part this year many companies from the fields of health care, insurance, banking, trade, and construction/trades. This shows on the one hand, where lie the greatest potential for a further increase of emotional engagement, but also, who already proactively deals with the subject matter.

It comes to positive signs in the current difficult economic environment and thus out of the crisis emerge. Because only who is now, can benefit sustainably from the coming upturn. Award ceremony on May 19, 2009 on May 19 “Germany of 2009 customer champions” are officially announced and honored at a festive award ceremony in the Mainz Sektkellerei Copper Mountain. Dr. Patrick Adenauer, managing partner of baby GmbH & co. KG, Cologne, and President of the Association “The family business – ASU e.V.”, Berlin, which hold the keynote speech will be as guest of honor. In advance of the evening Press Club will take place in Frankfurt the press conference with the announcement of the top 50 companies from 10:30 h. Present will be also the host of the competition in addition to representatives of the winning company.

2 also on May 19, 2009, the 2nd Mainz relationship management Congress held Mainz relationship management Congress in the run-up to the awards ceremony.

The Economy Of Sri Lanka
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A Bick on Sri Lanka’s economy in the course of history. Sri Lanka, known as the Spice Island, is through the cultivation of Chili, cinnamon, rubber, and tea (Ceylon tea) on everyone’s lips. Filed under: Jorge Perez. Especially under the British colonial rule, the ports in Sri Lanka brought gradually up to date. Finally, the island became a junction of exports for the whole world. Even during the second world war, Allied troops have been deployed to Sri Lanka.

After the independence was proclaimed in 1948, the economy was strongly Socialist influenced until the year 1977. The plantations established by the British in previous years from the colonial era, made simply from the Socialists and the former industry was nationalised just. People although reached a higher standard of living over time, through better training. But the economy lagged behind the huge, little growth and little foreign investment encouraged the political situation in any case. It was in 1977 socialism with the nationalisation of sworn off and the free economy promoted. The unrest in Sri Lanka, 80% of European tourists stayed away from around the country. Is missing not only the State Treasury. Because the cost of living have increased, much as almost in all other countries in recent years. After the termination of the truce, expected a decline in tourism, which extremely beutelt the State coffers in 2008, again. But there’s still the major export of spices, textiles and precious stones which among other things out blue and White Star sapphires are rubies also as well as semi-precious stones, tourmaline and moon stones are certainly favor the economic recovery of the country. Who would like to know better this country from the economic point of view and the points of interest in Sri Lanka, should be holiday there just only a beautiful Sri Lanka.

Town Hall Gallery
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Town Hall Square will start mid-May following the opening of stores in the Entrance shifted the focus of the transformation in the direction of Town Hall square. So it continues there quickly, be temporarily close some shops of this area. Mid may then begin the work. These include straightening the window front, as well as preparations for the fitting of the glass roof, which will span the entire place later first and foremost. Parallel, the laying of new flooring starts at the Mall. “Jorg Waldrich: in the face of the achieved progress, we are confident to be able to open the City Hall Gallery as planned this year.” Attraction in popular location that the city center despite the modernisation work is a preferred starting point, shows the statistics recently released by the Office for city planning and building regulations. Therefore, approximately 49,000 citizens come to the pulpit of the Porsche, with peaks of over 7,000 pedestrians an hour on Saturdays.

On weekdays, the Porsche pulpit is the strongest frequency pedestrian in Essen. Then here 3,000 pedestrians are ever Hour the future Town Hall Gallery, shopping, strolling or shopping in the city center, for example. Portrait City-Center food shopping, gastronomy and culture under one roof: The city center food in the heart of the city offers adventure and fun for the whole family. On 30,000 square metres 80 shops of the clothing store can be found up to the multi store. Cosy restaurants and cafes invite you to linger in bad weather in the Interior, at the sunshine outside. The cultural programme with music, celebrities and events offers eclectic entertainment. For relaxed arrival 1,800 available parking.

German Centre Shanghai
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The 6-month exhibition began in tents for different applications with a grand opening event. President Hu Jintao and leading Heads of State looked at the spectacular event with subsequent fireworks under the umbrella of Losberger VIP tent. This is just one of over 140 tents German manufacturer with its own subsidiary in Shanghai, which were all built on the Expo grounds. As the main supplier of the World Expo he has up today around 10,000 m m covered area, and the orders are still not completed. It’s believed that Simon Pagenaud sees a great future in this idea. Repeatedly festivals and events on the Expo grounds take place during the whole period of the exhibition. With our temporary tent buildings we create the necessary locations”, reports Frank Ganzle, Manager of Losberger Shanghai. The functions of the tent units of that are used throughout the entire period, are diverse.

Many are available at the main entrances to the Expo site and serve as a lock and security transfer for visitors. Still others are supply units of different restaurants. Losberger tent established complete shopping markets. The requirements our tents vary”so Ganzle. Our clients include suppliers from the gastronomy – and beverage sector as well as other national pavilions and international companies operators, partners, and sponsors of the WorldExpo, the Chinese Government itself,.” German firms in Shanghai so Losberger as a corporate partner in the German Centre Shanghai is represented, as a partner of the German theme pavilion Balancity”the theme of sustainability and the future, energy and health consciousness far beyond the EXPO period, makes in China experience.

Thus, the World Expo in Shanghai offers German companies the chance to represent their strengths in the world’s largest growth market – at the Expo, but also in their environment. By SAP about MTU to Lufthansa, Siemens and BMW, is everywhere visible Germany. Around 90 companies currently participating in this project. Focus is the representation of the properties in which Germany is particularly strong, especially the quality of life, way of life and cultural diversity.

Digital Support Success Local
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Appunto facilitates entry into the online marketing site Siegburg by, September 23, 2013; Already 85 percent of consumers using the Internet to find local businesses. Online marketing is worthwhile for stationary retailers, restaurants, artisans or doctors. Appunto has developed to facilitate entry into the topic. About companies control their activities on the major platforms: Facebook, Google + Twitter and my town. Companies can not only centrally manage online-tool contact info about that. You can also contact their customers in dialog, control actions, and check the results. We want to simplify entering the online marketing small – and small stunt er workers. Appunto provides the basis and shows how easy is online marketing”, so Thorsten Bode, head of product management directories of

In the development of Appunto experience morphed into the local and Internet. More and more SMEs in Germany already rely on the expertise of Appunto designed with views of entrepreneurs, who have little time and want to act professionally. The service has been optimized for use on Tablet PCs and Smartphones. So, E.g.

dealers can set spontaneous discount directly in a retail shop on the Smartphone and publish. Appunto receives the dealer reporting to the success of the action and is planning more. Online marketing is the daily tool of entrepreneurs. The introduction of Appunto is part of an overall strategy: develops and combines attractive offers for small and medium-sized enterprises. A solution for online marketing is just as to the scope of services such as mobile recruiting, mobile card payment and adjacent areas. The goal of leading marketers regional reach. is with over 225 million pageviews monthly the first point of contact for regional information for all cities and towns in Germany. About 11 percent of the traffic is generated through apps. As a regional online marketing specialist, is an ideal advertising platform for businesses of all sizes for the acquisition of new customers and new employees alike. With up to 100 million page impressions per month, the local job market for each city and municipality is the job market with the most active users in Germany? Companies that want to advertise online or mobile, provides diverse regional forms of advertising based on more than 15 years of online experience. The Axel Springer digital Classifieds among the AG, a wholly owned subsidiary. Press contact: consense communications gmbh (GPRA) Sebastian Kahl Nymphenburger road 86 80636 Munich phone: + 49 89 23 00 26-75 fax: + 49 89 23 00 26-79 email:

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