The First Touchstone: Honeymoon
Jul 19th, 2016 by thesuper

With security on your wedding day is one of the most important in the life of any person (anyone who get married, of course). While it is safe to take a time living with your partner, you already know how is living with her, and is apparently just a formality none of this detracts from importance. It will be the first day of something new and a clear example of this is the honeymoon trip. The honeymoon is the representation of the status of that is acquired after the wedding. Before you can be couple but only through the wedding (either religious or secular) is legally husband and wife. This first trip as marriage can mark the future coexistence. We are not saying that a bad choice of destination, that what happens during the journey will be decisive for the future of a couple, but since then is important. First by the mere fact of enjoyment.

When we travel we want to enjoy. To be for work, and even in this case too we want to have fun. We like to know new places, discover new ways life, amazing landscapes, incredible people to return perhaps feel that we have not achieved anything like that but that is what you would like to find any tourist. But this need is multiplied on the honeymoon. A bad trip, with incidents to forget boring assumed a burden, a ballast, the feeling of a loss, unique, opportunity that will never return. And here is the second reason why we give so much importance to this first voyage as a marriage.

We want to return and be able to remember how wonderful that was, teach our friends the hundreds of photographs that we get, tell them over and over again dozens of wonderful anecdotes and and above all have a place in remembrance, in memory, where you return. Know the bad times that them there was also new and from the beginning, like that wonderful honey moon. However, if the trip was a disaster, the hotel a birria, horrific weather frustro all plans discussions that probably arose by the foregoing, can be a burden. Of course remedied, if there really is love that first trip will be just a bad memory. But how much better if our honeymoon is a wonderful memory, isn’t it?

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