The Fringes
February 6th, 2014 by thesuper

Before men used to whistle in the street, I remember. You could link the melodies corner to corner in Banfield through random crosses, make your own composition. What happens now is different: there is music everywhere, cable music, of course. Also now you can play to link the fringes you hear, join the music of an establishment on the below and make a sound long line of small fragments together.

I do not criticize negatively our time, you know I’m not a nostalgic, never took refuge in these memories I have and I like to keep. But it is true that there seems little sense to join these pieces of music nowadays when the music in either setting is the same, generated by the same company. It is easy then to play now as then lost in the city, but get bored of this game given the situation is even more simple … a I met a man in Tokyo making music using the sound bites that he recorded in streets. I heard the melodies of the protesters joined the noise of the city works, the voices in unison in a sports stadium juxtaposed with traffic lights or beeps of the rhythms of a video game, the bustle in a quiet shopping center or a cemetery for animals. Clearly, there are always other ways, che. And escuchaa a So while July continued talking and then I listened to him we were moving, moving out of the room, one by one all the furniture and objects. There were stains on the wall, and a network of fine cracks going up and down undecided going from side to side.

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