The Special Feature Of Organic Wine
April 12th, 2010 by thesuper

In Germany, some 350 companies operate on a total of 2,000 hectares of organic vineyards, representing two percent of German vineyards. Slightly rising trend. Biowinzer work in harmony with nature. You waive synthetic chemical pesticides and inorganic fertilizers and the use of genetic engineering. In organic vineyard, the vines grow into healthy, carefully tended soil. Between the vines sprouting flowery grasses and herbs. Particularly welcome are clover and other legumes, which can bind nitrogen from the air and the vines are available. Moreover, the proliferation of the home to many beneficial insects that keep pests in check wine. Low shrubs such as privet and blackthorn are habitat for insects, lizards and birds. Without any of the pesticides permitted in organic wine but it is not. For the monoculture “vine” is susceptible to fungus and pests. Due to the natural production of organic wines are characterized by a distinct and ofLocation and climate-dependent taste. The terms “organic” and “eco” are legally protected under the EC Organic Regulation 2092/91. Only wineries that can meet these requirements, their drops as “wines made from grapes from organic cultivation”, launch. To recognize the hexagonal EU organic seal on organic wine or the character of organic farming associations: organic, Demeter, Gaia, nature, country and especially Ecovin, the wine specialist among the associations. The selection of German organic wines is great and the quality above average. Thus, the proportion of Biowinzer among German wineries predicate is disproportionately high. In the German Riesling are Bioweine tip. Have a lot to offer Silvaner, White and pinot gris. Ros and red wines are on the rise. Special class, the Pinot Noir. But Dornfelder, St. Laurent and in Swabia the Lviv satisfy the most discerning palate. Consumers should also show the courage for example, a new and Bronner (Pinot Gris-type) orRegent (red tip test). These are new, fungus-resistant grape varieties. There are now organic wines in the wine shops, food shops and in ordinary supermarkets. At the most entertaining of course, is purchasing directly from the producer. There you can test the wine usually equal to or find out his favorite wine at a wine tasting. Later you can drop of his noble by mail send to the house. Organic wines offer a pure wine enjoyment without regret. They contain many secondary plant materials and low allergenic histamine and sulfur. Otherwise the same laws as in conventional counterparts. Enjoying wine in moderation keeps us physically and mentally active into old age. Addresses of organic growers can be found on the Hompepage the koanbauverbnde or in the Bioweinbroschre “In bio veritas”. Available free of charge to the order service for publications of the Federal Government Tel: 0 18 05 / 77 80 90, Fax: 0 18 05 / 77 80 94.

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