Truck Stop – Country Band
November 14th, 2018 by thesuper

The new album of truck stop – band this band is country a reliable fixture in the music world for nearly 40 years the most successful Cowboys in Europe are on the stage. “Two years ago they stormed with 6 right” is the hit parades, the brand new album fresh raring: country band “the guys of truck stop, simply call it. It is the third Studio album by hit producer Jack White. “The 12 new tracks are once more for the lifestyle of the Cowboys of the waterfront and the album title country band” offers for exactly the right associations. Adventure, the nose, freedom, joy, fun and a relaxed view of life, to a pinch of campfire melancholy and a humorous look at the things that everyone is busy all the melodies and lyrics by truck packed stop.

Easy Rider romance about describes the title on tour on a Harley”, carefree summer days the song so is summer”. Throw in Beatles or stones”Lucius, Cisco and co. almost nostalgic views “return and make it clear that your taste in music is a constant since youth days: my only hero is and remains Johnny Cash”, they sing. “The man in black” truck caught once stop with the Countryfieber. It had to be said yes! “Uptempo country rock follows in today we rock the House”. “Us” here on country rural stereotypes Berlin Hamburg Eurokai takes,”the scheduling of a dispatcher, and finally weekend” speaks most everyone from the soul.

Old love, new luck”is a midtempo number, which deals with the rational thinking of the possible resumption of a past relationship. Devil woman on the highway”, however, is a whimsical note to all truckers to bring down not by redheads promises from the track. The wild, Wild West Gets the legendary Music Studio in Maschen near Hamburg after its mention in the truck stop hit”by 1980 once again a musical tribute, this time in the form of own songs called In the Studio in stitches”. Stop their albums produced truck there for several years. Still with holes in the bags, but full of euphoria”. Many memories are tied to this time. “” We are the song ‘ ne country band “finally goes strongly to the nitty-gritty and describes the elixir of life that flows through the veins of these wonderfully timeless band: music has interested us, on the stage we are at home, what we love is the applause”. Truck stop give everything really! Also in the radio and television truck are stop for years always. “” “You present their new album country band” for the first time in the show when the music plays “on the stonerock live in the ZDF/ORF and then on Aug 5, 2012 at again Sunday” (ARD) to guest.

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