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No need to practice yoga every day … just breathe. … workout Yoga and Sciatica. Breathing and relaxation. Pilates: the methods or techniques of pilates exercises …
Learning method such as public speaking
“The world is in the hands of those with the courage to play and run the risk of living your dreams” by Paulo Coelho.
Introduction to public speaking
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“It is not enough that men grow what you have, we need to grow what is” (author anonymous).
Part One:
We are all capable of developing our greatest abilities, many of us graduated with excellent grades, we graduate, masters, reached important positions in companies, then we follow ourselves with difficult situations, we come to suffer from the vocal cords or me but I graduated engages in other activities, one day she decided to resume my profession: I chose to order the speaker of the class, or decided to be the driver of a program but I have 9 years away from TV cameras, I do ‘We are always those questions, sometimes say: I suffer from panic insecurity to extend my vocal cords do not help me, now be able to integrate the work done on the radio or as I will get to go to lift my legs tremble titulo me that dire ‘excuses and more excuses for me or give lectures at fitness the University but I recognize that I need to develop a practical method not to bore my interlocutors.
through this simple and practical instruction of public speaking, develop some basic concepts that will allow us to create our own schedules, the most important thing is to remember all the times that are required to apply to our work, sometimes I wondered: Do I like to give a better vocal sound right without it sounding feigned ‘Do as I keep my personal style to talk’. We all know that the voice has tone, timbre and intensity, we also know that breathing is classified as abdominal and clavicular breathing intercostal.La is an act that takes place in two stages: inspiration or by the inlet and the nasal cavity through the mouth expiration andalusia sounds. The Abdominal: where do we take the air through the mouth and pushing the abdomen, this happens inadequate breathing in asthmatics, so it is recommended to practice the exercises daily gently intercostal diaphragmatic breathing. clavicle: occurs repeatedly in athletes method who took the momentum to take air from the nose and push up the clavicle.
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the intercostal diaphragmatic: breathing is more properly used preescision more, for those who require the mastery of the voice, either to sing or to conduct a radio or television. We know that many exercises are recommended to maintain the proper emission and pleasant voice, remember that the exercises are aimed at breathing, increase lung capacity, is also recommended that during the reading aloud inspirations are performed through the nose as taking the air through your mouth cool so the vocal cords causing hoarseness or dysphonias that eventually results in injury to the vocal cords, thus creating hiatum or nodules. the expert trainer, , innovated the workout program, the method to help you get crunchless abs for those who practice yoga, spining, water sports, studying flute playing wind instruments, control of breathing is part of your daily routine. it is important to know our chest, in order to know the limitations we face, if many smokers are likely to start the exercises feel dizzy even fainting so these exercises have to be addressed beforehand. However, the classification ire voices to their tone, timbre and intensity. any serious, medium, high. There are also voices nasal, guttural, atipladas. Vocal defects usually occur in people who are not allowed themselves to be corrected time, however its exceptions are: congenital defects such as cleft lip which hinders the pronunciation of speech but is a defect that is corrected for maxillofacial surgery. The guttural voice: occurs when the muscles shrink the throat, preventing it plans more widely. The nasal voice: When the soft palate becoming clogged shrink involuntarily from the emission of vocal sounds to which the nasal cavity resonator, it is advisable to practice the slow and paused only through the abs nostrils to allow us to listen to pronunciation clear. Anina’s voice was easily corrected if tight soft part of the trachea bowed his head down. As you push, repeat phrases until the voice is produced by the larynx.
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