Vacationing in Rome
June 15th, 2013 by thesuper

Travel to Rome is to visit one of the most popular tourist cities in the world and there are a number of reasons why visitors choose to go to Rome on their holidays. It’s history, architecture, friendly people, the beauty of the city or the need to get away from their daily routine, Rome has much to offer to its visitors. If you are planning to take a vacation this year, here are five reasons why Rome should be the place you choose, we recommend you also consult a travel guide to get to know the details of the visit. 1 Vatican City: the Vatican is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and is one of the most popular reasons why people visit Rome each year. Vatican City is very close to Rome, and visitors can learn the history and the power exercised by the Church; devotees who travel here may attend a mass and if they are lucky, can see the Pope. St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel are major attractions located in the Vatican City. 2 Views by the City: Rome is built on seven hills and as a result has one of the most famous sights in the world.

The most famous is the Spanish steps and tourists and locals alike are going to see the sunset. Other observation points are the Pincian Hill, located on the fringe of the Borghese gardens, from where can be spectacular St. Peter’s views, while the best views of the Forum seen from the Piazza del Campidoglio. 3 Churches: Rome has some of the most beautiful churches in the world. The historic center of the city houses more than 400 churches, among them the famous San Clemente. Del Sacro Cuore of Suffragio, which is a neo-Gothic structure, is another Church that is worth visiting. 4 Architecture: Rome has beautiful buildings, which offer not only a glimpse into the Roman Empire, but also part of human history.

The most notable of these structures are the Pantheon, the Spanish steps, the Forum and Colosseum. 5. Art: Visitors to Rome will have the opportunity to see some of the sculptures and most famous paintings in the world. There are a number of art galleries and museums containing works by artists from different periods. Rafael, Bernini, Caravaggio and Titian are some of them.

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