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October 27th, 2011 by thesuper

Web technologies – the key to a successful site any web application, even a simple business card site with one page of text, is a complex, distributed in the space program mechanisms. Look. User at his local computer runs a browser. Browser – a special program that displays the HTML-code. A HTML-code prepares the server on which the site.

Depends on the browser how to display on the user's screen view of site pages. It is therefore important to update the version of your favorite browser. Web technology is constantly evolving, and owners of older versions of browsers is not only not be able to see all the effects and use the features of the site, but even in some cases, simply open a page for viewing. And from the site code that is executed on the server depends on what code to HTML-pages will be transmitted to the user for display. Thus, the site can generate a different type of pages to different users. Of course, in modern conditions have Web technologies are not necessarily: there are content management (CMS), who take on formation of a code of HTML-pages and the code on the server site.

Owner of the site can only properly configure a system for the resource and fill it with content. I must say that to configure CMS also need some training. However, the task is greatly simplified. Firstly, to use the CMS does not require ownership of programming techniques. Secondly, there are different video courses, the lessons are presented visually as well as what you need to do to get the desired result. But the use of CMS in any way limit the copyright owner of those functions that are implemented by developers of the system. Of course, such functional modules may be too much. But be aware that they are the bulk of these embody the features that are in high enough demand from users of the system. And some specific tasks can be without special modules rather long time. If the owner of the site will require the embodiment of their unusual zadumok (and those certainly will in the process of project development), we have to take one of two options. The first option presupposes the existence of certain material resources. Because it will need to find a person or a working group that could implement their plan. Use of the workforce is equivalent to spending some amount of monetary resources. The second option calls for spending decisions a certain amount of personal time. Because you have to be yourself to sit down and understand the work and tuning. I must say that it is difficult to build as a CMS Typically there is nothing. But, nevertheless, need to own a web-based technologies: HTML, CSS, JavScript, PHP, MySQL. Although their study can be conducted in the field on a copy of the draft on the computer, while earning the necessary functional site. Specifically, the second version of the solution provides the site owner to additional benefits in case of increasing profitability of the project and move to the first embodiment of the solution. Possession of a web-based technology helps correct create technical specifications for developers on an equal footing to discuss with them the cost of works, clearly represents the capabilities of the system and correctly select the solutions to emerging problems and make correct of the level of development. Thus, in order not to become a money bag ushlyh Students Freelancers need to learn new skills for themselves. Moreover, that this is a visible and accessible guide.

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