What is podcasting
November 12th, 2009 by thesuper

Podcasting is the creation of sound files or video that are distributed via internet to users who have previously subscribed to a website that makes podcasting. This process is accomplished through a system called syndication (mass distribution of content, ie not have to visit the page to stream the file, you simply have to give the play). The file is downloaded automatically, becomes available to users without any limitations, or connection, or schedules, or repetitions, etc … Nomads In this podcast (radio show dedicated to travel around the world giving his vision and giving listeners the peculiarities of the places visited) the place is visited San Francisco. Through two voices, one male and one female, we’re making a route through the city, visiting through the auditory sense, and our own capacity for imagination, the corners of it. In this podcast we report on aspects of interest, such as transport and its price, the restaurants, some buildings to visit or the changing climate. Also hear interviews with Spaniards living there, among others, a couple who spent six years living in San Francisco, to hear their views, on a more daily from the tourist, both positive and negative. And to ask for some hidden place, outside tourist guides, worth a visit. Governor of REBNY

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