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June 12th, 2023 by thesuper

Feeling cold can affect the same triple a motorcyclist drive safely in any weather is from wind and to protect weather, increases your safety on the motorcycle. Physical stress by heat influence of whatsoever undisturbed cold or other effort and interfere with your concentration. Who is alert and feels well is far less often in an accident involved as someone freezes, sweating or wearing uncomfortable clothing and thus distracted from the traffic. Stress by cold cold feeling can a biker right triple affect: to lose the feeling in the hands and feet and can not properly check the controls (brakes, circuit, etc.). Freezing tiring and fatigue and increases the risk to verunfallen, since diminishes the concentration and response times to increase. San Antonio Spurs might disagree with that approach.

Tests have shown that a low body temperature emotionally charged the driver (anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness, serenity) and in influenced his decision-making. See Woods, r.i. (1986) relation between clothing thickness and cooling during motorcycling, ergonomics, volume: V 29 issue number: no. 3 p 455-462. good insulated, breathable clothing is the key to avoiding stress by cold. Thermal insulation obtained by a thick layer of air between the body and outer layer of clothing. One at the neck, wrists and closely fitting waist motorcycle clothing with zippers covered externally or backed down prevents a loss of heat and receives the air layer between the body and outer layer. A too-fitting clothing inflates and flutters, which can lead to heat loss.

Who in particular a damp clothes wearing wet leathers, starts to freeze. You can prevent this by wearing functional underwear, since the used fibres away transport moisture away from the body and keep the body dry. Well insulated boots and gloves keep your hands and feet warm. If you freeze already in the body, their hands and feet will be cold sooner or later. To help maintain the core temperature, the limbs are supplied no longer sufficiently with blood? Protect your Shins as this particularly cold by the airstream temperatures are exposed.

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