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The bond insurance is its raison d’etre when one party to a contract requires the counterparty a security blinde compliance with its obligations. A simple way to obtain this guarantee insurance contracts at issue, because if the obligor defaults, the insurer is responsible for compensation arising from the breach, within agreed limits. It is a widely used to secure the signing of contracts with the government. Despite being similar to a cr insurance, the basic difference between them is that, if bond insurance is the debtor who hires (and pays) the insurance, figuring his cror as beneficiary. Returning to the example of the public sector, the policy would be the general contractor contract and the insured or beneficiary Public Administration contracting.The main advantage of this type of guarantee is that, unlike other formulas, such as bank guarantee, does not involve heavy losses on the disposal of assets: enough to pay the insurance premium to be legally covered at all effects. Now, take the insured to be indemnified by the insurer, the policyholder is obliged to return the amounts he had been paid.

Economic and cultural
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Economic and cultural rebound (1990s – Present) Nanjing Road in Shanghai in 2003 Political power in Shanghai has traditionally been seen as a stepping stone to higher positions within the PRC central government. In the 1990s, there was what was often described as the politically right-of-center “Shanghai clique,” which included the president of the PRC Jiang Zemin and the premier of the PRC Zhu Rongji. Starting in 1992, the central government under Jiang Zemin, a former Mayor of Shanghai, began Reducing the tax burden on Shanghai and encouraging both foreign and domestic investment in order to Promote it as the economic hub of East Asia and To encourage its role as gateway of investment to the Chinese interior. Since then it has experienced continuous economic growth of between 9-15 annually, arguably at the expense of growth in Hong Kong, leading China’s overall development. The city’s modern transformation did not really begin until the third generation of president Jiang Zemin came to power in 1992.The remarkable development of the Pudong zone offers a compelling example of the various political mechanisms, players, complexity and character of urban land development and spatial change in the context of China’s rapidly growing transitional economy. Shanghai is China’s largest and greatest commercial and industrial city. With 0.1 of the land area of the country, it supplies over 12 of the municipal revenue and handles more than a quarter of total trade passing through China’s ports. Its year 2000 population, according to China’s latest census, was 16.74 million and represented an increase of 3.4 million from the 1990 size with an average annual growth rate through the decade of the 1990s of 2.2 and a total increase of 25.5 . The average size of a family in Shanghai had Declined to fewer than three people during the last decade, and it is clear that most of Shanghai’s population growth is driven by migration rather than natural factors based on high birth and fertility rates. Shanghai has for many years had the lowest birth rate in China, a rate lower than large American cities such as New York.As with most cities in China, Shanghai is overbounded in its administrative territory. The city in the year 2000 was composed of 17 urban districts and three counties together occupying 6300 km of land area. The three counties contain Substantial rural land and a number of rural residents who continue to farm for their livelihood. The city has the highest population density of all the first order administrative units in China, with 2657 people per km in 2000. Owing to its continued growth and industrial and commercial development, Shanghai also has the highest index of urbanization among all of China’s first order administrative units, with 88.3 of the official population (14.78 million) classified as urban. The amount of building activity in Shanghai fueled by government investment expenditures continues to be astounding. Since the 1980s, Shanghai’s economy shifted from over 77 of gross domestic product in secondary manufacturing sector to a more balanced sectoral distribution of 48 in industry and 51 in services in 2000 and 2001.Employment in manufacturing reached almost 60 in 1990 and has since Steadily Declined to 41 in 2001, while employment in the tertiary sector has grown from 30 in 1990 to more than 47 in 2001, a remarkable expansion of employment in service activities in step with Shanghai’s reemergence as a commercial city.

it was the maid’s media and the far right mastiff (video)
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cleavage chichi says goodbye to his audience.chiquita gives his reporters: “It must learn to fly by themselves (as Sonsito), there is a new group (” guille rat ) waiting their turn for a chance .. “in other words,” move down and bum “. and think that until a few weeks ago were” a great team. ” poor devils who were sold to the easy money of chichi aback. “Some apology for his irresponsible journalism yellow-fascist who served as an excuse to corrupt and repressive power to kill and imprison citizens contrast, do not miss the latest program to continue maligning of “international terrorists” who oppose the banana republic of the extreme right and their puppet jester Garcia. a few months ago began the beginning of the end of the window (fascist).April demominado held a rally for the freedom to think differently – against servile press against channel 2 in the chichi moments transmitting a servile interview megacorrupto hundred young people expressed their rejection Cecilia Valenzuela and his journalism scoundrel edited videos, and music effects claims that were “evidence” in the eyes of police and Alva Castro Octavio Salazar (those two idiots pulled) to melissa Patino, Roque Gonzales and the other detainees in continuous tomb in prison, “tomorrow afternoon (melissa Patino, roque,) can plan an attack” sentenced more than once to justify his journalism chichi terror.

The Garnet and wonder about the Papu Gomez
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Fixed arrival Racing Bieler, president of the whole garnet San Lorenzo contacted to ascertain their claims by Papu. In Boedo requested 2,500,000 for 50 percent, a figure too high. There would be another communication. Transfer market in a very complicated for all teams at the time of incorporation, because the numbers are handled and the claims of the players, Alejandro Gomez has become one of the most sought after. Racing quickly put their eyes on the young striker, who had a good tournament and opening up suffered a senseless fight with some fans, a situation which marked a break. Claudio Vivas’s request, but negotiations were delayed because they wanted to close the pass Bieler. In this situation, and without the possibility of having the former striker Liga de Quito, Lan s faced the other way and asked for Papu.However, the response did not leave San Lorenzo did not conform to the leaders garnets and even frightened. Nicholas Russo, president of the entity in the south of Greater Buenos Aires, Marcelo Tinelli contacted asking price by 50 per cent of the pass, and the driver (who commands the employer group has 40 ) drew a number that sounded too high: 2,500,000.Meanwhile, Gomez told TyCSports also tempts the chance to move to Lanus, a team that will play for third consecutive year the Copa Libertadores. Emme: soiipepii Face: Ailhin Ximena Cancino

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“… And as always with beautiful things, they can not truly exist until you find someone capable of discovering, of bewitching with its existence, to make them as your own truth becomes multiple hands of each particular contemplation . ..

The fleets and
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The fleets and trade controls Crossing caravels and galleons across the Atlantic was extremely dangerous because, in addition to the storms that were wrecked them, they were often attacked by pirates and privateers that lurked at all times to steal your wealth and break, in some ways, the Spanish mercantilist monopoly. Print the Florentine Codex. The arrival of commercial fleets to the ports of New Spain had a strong impact on the economy and daily life of villagers. In 1523, Emperor Charles V in open competition with the kingdom of Portugal ordered the search for a narrow channel to make navigation to the Moluccas and get to establish trade routes for spices without having to navigate the Merranean, the conquistador Hernan Cortes sent to Hibueras Olid, but due to the struggles with Diego Velazquez de Cuellar, the episode ended in the rebellion and death of Olid.

Art research methods
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This item you remove from the digital library tech seemed to me quite relevant to the subject. Research Methodology This chapter describes the methodology used during development research to construct reality, past and present, of the lived experience of the organization in the beginning stages of design and knowledge management strategy. 3.1. Type of research This research is qualitative, specifically interviews depth, as it tries to reconstruct reality and is based on the collection of without numerical measurement data through a series of interviews. This goes According to what mentioned Hernandez, and Baptista (2003). 3.2.Proposed model The proposed model was formulated based on the idea of observing the before and after adoption of knowledge management by a organization. The model is formed by elements, which are interconnected and thus it represents their interaction.The elements that make the model are: Tacit knowledge People Organization Skills development Knowledge Management Expert knowledge management Knowledge Management Strategy Business Strategy Results The relationships between the elements are: Tacit People: This relationship is established in the model because it is in people in which knowledge is tacit.The Tacit knowledge is not directly related to other elements as only people can find this kind of knowledge. Persons Organization: Similar to the previous relationship, organization is shaped by people.

Telmex provides advanced
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Telmex provides advanced telecommunications services throughout Mexico, in five South American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru) and the United States, and has established itself as one of the telecommunications companies faster and greater growth worldwide. Telmex is the leading telecommunications company in Latin America, with operations in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and the United States. He has made unprecedented investments by around 29 billion dollars during the period 1990-2005, to ensure the growth and modernization of its infrastructure, thus developing a 100 digital technological platform that operates a network of more advanced optical fiber worldwide and that includes connections via submarine cable with 39 countries. Telmex and its subsidiaries offer the broadest range of advanced telecommunications services, including voice, data and video, Internet access and integrated solutions for all segments of the telecommunications market, from public telephony, rural and residential, to customer care for small and medium enterprises, as well as large national and international corporate, thanks to the great technical ability and coverage offered by their access and transport networks, which have allowed a steady level of growth in products and services offered to the market. Since 1997, with the onset of competition in long distance services in our country and its expansion in South America, Telmex has competed successfully with leading corporate of global telecommunications. Telmex has the technological capability and strategic alliances which ensure our customers the technology, service, care and support they require to meet their telecommunications needs. Furthermore, the expansion of our operations allows us to promote synergies in technology services for voice, data and Internet services in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru and with our customers in Mexico and the United States. Carso Global Telecom owns most of the control actions of Telmex and America Telecom has the most control actions of America Movil, a leading provider of wireless services in Latin America. Grupo Carso Carso takes control Industrial (Condumex, Porcelanite, Nacobre and Cigatam, among others) and Carso Comercial (Sears, Sanborn, Promotora Musical, among the most important).Moreover, operating the Inbursa Financial Group, which consists of Inbursa Bank, Insurance Inbursa, Casa de Bolsa stock market investors, Leasing Inbursa, and Afore Inbursa, among other companies, and U.S. Commercial Corp., which is the holding of CompUSA shares. Group companies directly employing over 160 thousand people. Telmex’s financial strength and membership to Mexico’s main business group and its technological capacity to innovate products and services based on their extensive knowledge of the markets it serves, allowing Telmex to strengthen its international expansion with this investment for long term development of telecommunications infrastructure and services in each of the countries where it operates for the benefit of the productive sectors that compete in the new global environment of globalization. SOURCE: introTmx quieneSomos.html

Para-politics scandal Main
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Para-politics scandal Main article: Parapol tica The party has been one of the most affected by the para-politics scandal that erupted from 2006 to uncover links between politicians and illegal armed groups of the extreme right. Several of the parliament elected by the party were involved in the scandal and were deprived of liberty within the affected senior leader like Sen. Ruben Dario Quintero Antioquia. The Supreme Court has ordered the capture of congressmen Cambio Radical party where are the congressman Oscar Wilchez, Karelly Congresswoman Patricia Lara Vence, Antioquia Senator Ruben Dario Quintero, Senator Miguel Pinedo Vidal, Alonso de Jes s Ram rez representative who replaced the seat to the Lara Vence Karelly also arrested.On 8 April 2008 was linked to the process of Antioquia Parapol tica Congressman Luis Humberto Correa Builes, becoming the sixth parliamentary arrested for this game. The ties of militant Radical Change with paramilitary groups and drug trafficking organizations, exist despite the expulsion of candidates from lists for alleged links with paramilitaries, which were welcomed by Democratic parties like Colombia (now largely dismantled by their links with the AUC) and Convergencia Ciudadana. On 18 April 2008 the party suffered one of the most severe blow to its image structure and policy, Senator Nancy Patricia Guti rrez Radical Change member and President of Senate, was linked to a preliminary investigation for his alleged links with paramilitary by the Supreme Court.The former representative Rocio Arias, said that in his contacts with paramilitary leaders, was asked to refrain from politics in parts of the department of Cundinamarca because the votes were reserved for Gutierrez.

Management Programs The
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Plan production and campaign Sales staff additional In the early nineties Modified Peruvian labor legislation through DL 728, Law on Labor productivity, in order to promote employment. These changes are intended to ease the relationship between employee and employer, which contracts were introduced according to market needs, such as contract substitution, contracts for specific work or service, the contract for the season and the emergency contract. Also be introduced by the temporary home or release of a new contract activity and corporate restructuring. Thus, it was to enhance private investment, even allowing for the temporary workers who provide regular services to the business nature.Thus, when initiating certain seasons, some enterprises in sectors such as tourism, education, industry, require fixed-term contract workers in the form of season and substitution, the most in demand. The contract season, it is that concluded between an employer and a worker in order to meet requirements of the line of business, compliance only at certain times of year – like Christmas festivities and are subject to repeated periods equivalent in each cycle, according to the nature of productive activity. However, if the employee was hired for the same employer or three consecutive seasons alternate, it will have the right to be hired in subsequent seasons, provided they come to the center of work two weeks before the season started.

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