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If we think of universal and comfortable pants, all say that it is jean or cowboy, so find one that sticks properly to your figure will radically improve your image in the day to day. We know in fashion Web type of jean most recommended for three of the disadvantages or common problems we find women today in our figure if you are thin but have tendency to accumulate something volume on your hips you can feel comfortable making your forms and your curves will become an ally, choose a pant with special for the volume of the rear cutting. This is achieved thanks to a curved cut in back seam and high and sloping inwards pockets that elevate and concentrate the volume. Shot from behind must also be longer than the front to hold better and prevent it from falling to the get down. The lower part of the legs is closer to stylize the calf.

If you are thin and straight hips you have to choose a model that fits your body, of preferably with the short shot. Margaret Loesser Robinson has many thoughts on the issue. To visually lengthen legs you can decant you by a straight model in dark colour. Choose a jean de Court rounded in the waist and pockets, with what you insinuaras a more rounded rear and a more pronounced waistline. If you are you by a boyfriend jean, you will get a little more volume in the legs, but at the same time they will be shorter. Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin-2011. For thick legs women discarded flared pants, since widening the figure and make you look shorter. Tilt by a narrow, but very dark jean to subtract volume.

This model of jean highlighted athletic legs shape, while visually slimming. Wear it with heels and leaves that trousers covering part of them to visually lengthen some centimeters. When you go shopping, follow the tips below, to easily find jean who best suits your figure: go to stores that have many different brands to choose different patterns. Pruebate jeans without haste and making sure that you are comfortable.

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