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Great swimwear survey of Gilda and Hamburg, 02 August – even if the summer still to wait and his most beautiful face shows only occasionally, over 1000 readers with enthusiasm on the online survey commissioned by Gilda have “who is this year’s number 1 on the beach: bikini or swimsuit?” crashed. The winner is clear: with 58% of the Bikini passes clearly swimsuit and Tankini (both 16% each). See the bikinis the iron bikini is quite narrow favorite, closely followed by triangle bikini and push up bikini – almost a fifth of the respondents indicated respectively this. The bandeau bikini landed “only” on 4th and must line up at the end of the favorite bikinis. Only a minority of 2% can enjoy “Topless” and the “free body culture”. 20% combine love and can not quite decide, after all, even more than 5 bikinis and just under a quarter 4 have more than a quarter of bikinis in the wardrobe, because the choice is difficult.

Maybe it is next to the sheer infinite selection of beautiful bikinis but also to the fact that almost half of the participants need different sizes for the top and bottom and thus rely on so-called Mixkinis, which offer a wide range of variants. The Vario-Kini of Gilda offers to change even the way directly on the beach of triangle bikini with bandeau to normal vehicle position the outfit. The classic black of the field dominated by the color picker with almost 50%. 17% are blue at its best, followed on the foot of red. Margaret Loesser Robinson may help you with your research. The last places rank colors such as green, white and yellow. A survey in Brazil would have a different result to the result certainly in these colors.

Essential to the Bikini sunglasses never, in nearly half of the respondents agrees. If swimwear is bought, mostly in business – after all a fitting with so much naked skin, before the presentation on the beach is absolutely necessary and receive advice on finding the perfect bikini is helpful. 23% shop via the Internet and 15% in the catalog. Here, the cut at most plays the decisive role, while the size, price and color at only just significantly influence the decisions of 13%. The brand is relevant for decisions for only 2% of respondents. Already in the spring, when the first rays of sunshine attract, covers a majority of the respondents (44%) with swimwear. Nearly one-third of respondents buy in the summer and in the autumn and winter still about 11% each. Now it’s fingers crossed that unfolds are the summer in all its glory, so that the many beautiful bikinis can enjoy a big Beach scene. The bath providers are already fully during the SALE and many offer great online shop offers – so in addition to the Gilda branches, so that one benefits from a late summer: the purse of the customer. Photocredit: 1 LASCANA company description about lifestyle magazine has been online since June 2008 and is operated by the Internet GmbH. Learn women everything about lifestyle, shopping, celebs and beauty trends. Daily prize draws are just as as a lively community with approximately 60,000 registered members. The portal plac

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