March 18th, 2009 by thesuper

Silverlight retains a mode graphics system, similar to WPF and integrates multimedia into a single plug, computer graphics, animation and interactivity. The basis of their programming is XAML and access to objects such as JavaScript. The XAML can be used to mark the vector graphics and animations.
Microsoft Expression Blend is the tool from Microsoft that is used to create animations in Silverlight.
Silverlight supports playback of video format VC-1 in all browsers without the ActiveX control of Windows Media Player. However, the EULA states that the license of the VC-1 is “only for personal, non-commercial consumers.” The content created with Silverlight would be more “searchable” and “index” that which was created Adobe Flash is not compiled as a text is represented as XAML .
With Silverlight you can dynamically load XML content that can be manipulated through a DOM interface, a technique which is compatible with those of conventional language AJAX. Silverlight has a “Downloader” (downloaded) to take scripts or other means and stored on your computer, when required by the application. With version 1.1, the programming logic can be written in any language. Britney Spears Net It also supports dynamic programming languages like Ruby and Python .

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