Electronic Engineering
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The electronic engineering is the set of technical knowledge, both theoretical and practical to aim at the application of electronic technology for the resolution of practical problems.
The electronics is a branch of physics that deals with the exploitation and utility of the conduct of the electric loads in different materials and components such as semiconductors. Electronic Engineering is the practical application of electronics which also incorporates the knowledge and theoretical scientists and other technical practices on semiconductors as well as many electrical devices in addition to other fields of human knowledge such as design and planning techniques among others.
Among the electronic engineering and electrical engineering, there are basic similarities, as both are based study of the electrical phenomenon. But the first specializes in low-voltage circuits including semiconductors, which are a key component to the transistor or the behavior of the charges in the empty, as in the case of old valves and electrical engineering termoionicas specializes in circuits High-voltage electric as seen in transmission lines and electrical stations. Both engineering have common aspects such as foundations mathematics and physics, the theory of circuits, the study of electromagnetism and the planning of projects. Another key difference lies in the fact that the electronic engineering studies the use of electricity to send, receive and process information, which is the basis of telecommunication engineering, computer science and engineering of the automatic control engineering. The consistent point of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is the area of power. The electron is used to convert the waveform of voltages that are used to transmit electricity, electrical engineering study and design systems for generation, distribution and conversion of electrical energy in sufficient proportions to feed and activate equipment, networks Electricity buildings and cities among others.
In several countries, especially the United States. UU., Electronic Engineering is regarded as a branch that is linked to electrical engineering.
Electronics engineer is the person who has done studies of this engineering professionals.
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