Form and Origin
January 29th, 2009 by thesuper

Materially the credit card is a piece of plastic, whose overall dimensions and features have Asset Management become absolute uniformity, by virtual of the use and the technical needs.
Each instrument includes the identification of the issuer and the member Children’s Hospital authorized to use, as well as the time period during which the instrument remain valid. Often also contain the signature of the bearer and a legitimate industry with seats visible through electronic instruments. These seats identify that particular card and enable the carrier to dispose of the credit associated with the presentation, without stamping their signature.
With regard to the origin, we can say that appeared in the early twentieth century in the United States, University of Southern California in particular, the idea arose within the offices of Chase Manhattan Bank, by its director, in the form of corporate card, implying its mostly about the 40s and I spread from the middle of the century.
The international distribution was a result of employment in other nations of the cards issued in that country, and the establishment of local branches of the stations during the fifth and sixth decades.

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