Hot Water
January 27th, 2009 by thesuper

the energy market has been greatly improved by a top private energy company Caldera domestic or calefon
It’s called water heater, calefon, boiler or boiler is a device that uses thermodynamic energy to raise the water temperature. the improvements that have been afforded the general household by energy supplier all through the State of New York Among the household and commercial hot water are clean, showers, cooking or heating. In the industrial uses are varied for both the hot water to water vapor.
Among the fuels used are natural gas, propane gas (LPG), kerosene, coal and electricity. Alternatively also uses solar energy, heat pumps (compressor) from refrigerators or air conditioners, heat recycling of waste water (not sewage), and even geothermal energy. In the case of water heated with energy alternatives or recycled, these are usually combined with traditional energy.
The types of water heaters are more familiar: heater point, step heater (no tank), heaters and boilers accumulation (to slip).
The type of heater and natural gas fuel type to choose depends on many factors including water temperature to be achieved, local availability of fuel, maintenance costs, fuel costs, physical space usable flow Instant required local climate and cost of the household heater.

New York Times
The natural gas crisis in Europe, the deadlock between Russia and Ukraine to energy costs leave millions of households without heating fuel for another day.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
The U.S. Department of Energy predicted Tuesday that no economic recovery this year – that is, the price of petrol, oil and electricity ESCO natural gas remains low. In its monthly energy outlook, the Energy Departments Energy …
Jan 13 (Bloomberg) – Natural gas futures in New York fell for the fifth time in six days on speculation demand remains depressed by the energy end of the peak heating season.
Jan 13 (Bloomberg) – Natural gas futures in New York fell to the lowest rate gas in more than two years on speculation demand remains depressed by the end of the peak heating season.

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