Porcelain In Motion
June 2nd, 2023 by thesuper

Leaning cups, curved bottle necks, floating shell – on click-Germany porcelain is idiosyncratic. Martina Sigmund Servetti loves the attraction between the coolness of the material and the organic-inspired design. So are ceramics, that anything but straight, are serious and common. Now click-Germany Mr Knopp and sons album may come from a posse from the Wilhelm Busch. Mr Knopp is a pot, a little wrong, like, he will bow his head straight. His sons, crooked cups, “hop” around him. Everything, from ernst.

Anything but straight. Everything, except for usual. If Martina Sigmund Servetti fine, white clay in the hand takes a lump, sits on the turntable, then their cheerful, humorous nature in their finger seems to flow. Martina Sigmund Servetti has learned at the school of ceramics in Landshut, then worked as a Gesellin in various workshops. Five years living in Argentina, is a new experience: “I worked with my hands, but on a farm.

Experienced as seeds to a fruit ripened.” When Martina Sigmund Servetti comes back to Germany, she rebuilt a workshop in Heilbronn. “By chance I discovered a package porcelain mass at the hardware store. I took her. Since I’m passionate about this material connected.” China calls. Any mistake will be punished. And yet there are just the characteristic contrasts such as density, hardness, lightness and transparency, which fascinate Martina Sigmund Servetti. With success. If their “bottles” together, they seem taken straight to the “village gossip” to have, to have a chat with each other. The chandelier reminiscent in its shape on the desert sand, the small hole shine as his star would have lit the sky. Unique bottles, bowls, cups and jugs, from now on offer from click-Germany:…You get Martina Sigmund Servetti.

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