Industrial Development
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For several years, were issued prestigious Merak Coupe and Citroen SM, a luxurious, yet practical Khamsin, Bora and rapid Indy. They all had major supercar for properties – speed and power, comfort and luxury. Competing with Mercedes and BMW in the mid 70s in the world energy crisis erupted. Citroen loses, and in 1975 decided to close the factory Maserati. The legendary brand has saved the State Institute of Industrial Development and Relief companies in Italy under the direction of Alejandro de Tomaso, who acquired the company.

The famous designer decides to change the company's strategy and compete in the niche occupied by such European 'whale', as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Related Group is open to suggestions. First followed by a release of new versions Quattroporte, a car has become an executive president of the Italian Republic. A remake was a big hit, and its production continued until 1990. Then came the triumph of the Biturbo, resembling a miniature Quattroporte. Basic machine series Biturbo was relatively inexpensive, but has all the advantages of two-door Maserati sedan, equipped with a new six-cylinder 2-liter twin-turbo.

Roadster, two-and four-door sedan, coupe and convertible – a few modifications Biturbo enjoyed success not only in Europe but also overseas. The success was so overwhelming that in 1984 U.S. auto giant Chrysler has acquired 15.6% shares of Maserati. In liter of displacement. Two liters capable of delivering 330 hp – This indicator has not yet been able to reach any production car world, including Formula 1 race cars! Management decision Fiat Auto in 1997 car production Maserati was transferred of Ferrari, which is one of the components of fiatovskogo concern.

Gran Via
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As one of the most famous monuments of Madrid, the symbolic Avenue of Gran Via, is changing of nature with more stores and less cinemas and cafes. Close to the Gran Via, is also possible to find many of the best clubs in Madrid, which are able to meet and satisfy the needs of entertainment to all persons arriving in the city. The project of creation of a wide Avenue by the center of Madrid was conceived a little over one century, in 1907, and began work three years later. This project was inspired by the big avenues of Paris, but ended up with a much more American trend. Without any doubt, when people are asked to visit in Madrid, Gran Via is the first option that gives tourists and travelers. After decades of extremely limited possibilities, the architects, suddenly managed to introduce new trends and then the first skyscrapers in Spain appeared in the Gran Via, offering headquarters for banks and other financial institutions that are They underlying in the Spanish capital. Today, Gran Via looks more tourist and entertainment, is why many cafes, bars, restaurants and discotheques in Madrid, are located in this sector.

Also many hotels this located bristle at the Gran Via of Madrid, achieving cater to thousands of tourists who arrive each year in order to be able to scroll through all tourist corners of the city. For those wishing to rent a car when they come to town, it is therefore that you can easily find cars in Madrid. In the 1980s, the Avenue lost much of its elegance, with fast food restaurants that replaced the traditional cafes. Now, almost all the cinemas have become fashion stores and there are traffic jams at all hours of the day and night due to cars of occasion in Madrid, the noise levels are higher than ever and it is difficult to make a way through the crowd, but however the Gran Via is an essential part of Madrid. Many people who want to know good tourist spots and they want to know what to visit in Madrid, they must have the Gran Via as an interesting alternative for tourism, food, recreation, history and entertainment. Don’t forget that day it is possible to find many restaurants and cafes, willing to provide good care to clients, but at night, the environment changes by an atmosphere of celebration and discotheques in Madrid set your lights to offer unforgettable moments. Source: The Gran Via of Madrid

Ford Focus II
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The second Ford Focus appeared three years ago but has already won many different awards, continuing a tradition of first-generation Ford Focus, which has won 60 awards, including one of Europe's most prestigious Awards "The safest car in its class." Safety And indeed, the car is the safest. All systems performed perfectly and did not pass smoothly. The body is made of high strength steel, adjustable seat belts. The same performance noise in the cabin reduced to a minimum by reducing the penetration of the cabin noise from contact with the road car and the engine vibration. Also, compared with the previous model, increased power conditioner. It was also enlarged the area of adhesion with the road cars, which in turn increased agility, so that made it more convenient control of the car.

A powerful engines including gasoline and turbo Duratec Duratecq, give the car high power. The development is not deprived of the car and innovative ideas, such as the management of certain functions by voice commands, the vehicle control system keyless KeyFree, communication technology Bluetooth. In general, external design Ford Focus 2 is not much different from the first Ford Focus, while retaining the basic features and maintaining the overall style of the brand. Design: Swift silhouette, the lines of glass, curved dynamics of the surface gives the car its sporty nature. Inside, everything is made perfectly, interior trim with leather, and increased capacity, can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers. Trunk just is enormous for this class of car and 385 liters composes and 1245 liters with folded seats.

Modifications There are four complete Ford Focus Focus II Ambiente. In this modification, the main attention is paid to the details of the car. 15-inch alloy wheels, electric glass lifts, central locking. All of these touches show the convenience and practicality of the car Focus II Ambiente. Focus II Comfort. The main bias in this configuration has been placed on design, comfort and style. System air-conditioning is standard on product completion. As well as the original painting the body. Makes the car look very attractive. Focus II Trend. This configuration computerized field. Equipped with on-board computer unique sport suspension, seats, leather-covered, racing steering wheel and fog lights. Focus II Ghia. Modification of the most luxurious in its class. Salon is made in an elegant style, steering wheel, gear lever, all trimmed with leather, 4 airbags.

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